Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Scene
Ever since I randomly reconnected with my childhood bestie Poptart Lover a few weeks ago my mom has been DEMANDING an audience. My mom adored PL. Watched her grow up right along side me from age 7 to 17.

And after IMing with PL practically every day since we reunited, I've realized she has such fond memories of my mom and can't wait to see her too.

So I decided our first adult date would consist of a girlie lunch followed by Mamma Mia!!! The pitch perfect mother-daughter-ABBA lovefest, no?

None of us had ever seen the musical so weren't sure what to expect. PL warned me not to sing-along in the theater or she'd leave. I scoffed at the thought. Told her I'd never dream of it. In fact, I often get uncomfortable during spontaneous movie musical singing. It's a fact.

So though I was pretty uncomf for two hours straight (every 10 minutes there's a WeHo anthem sandwiched into the story!) I enjoyed the movie. A nice frothy summer romp. Plus I could watch Meryl Streep do anything on screen.

And perhaps there's a deeper reason why the film resonated. PL and I grew up without our natural fathers. I never met mine. So that search for a part of yourself, for identity, for understanding at the center of the story hit home.

Like the film's protagonist, PL and I were both raised by fiercely independent, hard working single mothers. They were both immigrants who left everything behind - their language, family, homeland, education - to build a better life. For us. They both stressed education as the key to our success, to realizing our very own American dream. Never realized until now how all that probably cemented our bond as little girls.

And our mutual love of food helped ;)

Sadly, PL's mother is not well. Her health has been declining steadily to the point where she doesn't even speak or recognize her daughters anymore. Heartbreaking.

So on the way home today, my mom told PL - through tears - that she can always count on her. That she will always have a mother in her.

A gut wrenching moment that reminds me the bonds we forge as women can be so stunningly beautiful, so enduring, so sustaining.

The Outfit

Ann Taylor plum sleeveless tank
Marc by Marc Jacobs skirt

The Accessories
Forever 21 bracelet and feather headband
Louis Vuitton earrings
Chanel necklace
Stuart Weitzman sandals

The Grade

Th Commentary
Dressed for PL today. Wanted to look cute but not too done for our second rendezvous as old ladies. Wanted to look like myself since there's no pretense with PL. She's a straight shooter. And knows me too well. No point putting on airs with her.

Nothing like Marc Jacobs to feel like myself. LOVE THIS SKIRT. The purple and the detailing and the fluttery hem and the buttons. But most of all, I love the $12 price tag.

Still obsessed with the feathers after Thursday's party so added my purple feather headband. Ugh. So hot. And great at taming my curly beast.

Adorable look for an adorable day so many years in the making ;)

p.s. Before meeting up with PL, my mom and I got our nails did. Both brought our little Chanel bottles - hers is Paparazzi, mine is Blue Satin. (Here she is modeling the REDIC cell phone holder she had me buy her.)

My mom was initially skeptical about my inky blue choice but ultimately loved it. Said she had been worried it would be too "chola" but instead she found it very "Chanel." Phew!


Lynn Tran said...

So wonderful that you've reconnected with your childhood friend. She is so blessed to have found you and your Mama again, especially during such a difficult time with her mother's illness. I'm sure your friendship and love are such a gift to her.

Love your outfit, especially the skirt. I think I have the same AT plum tank.

weezermonkey said...

I am teary-eyed.
At work.

WendyB said...

What an emotional experience!

Couture Carrie said...

Hey D!
I looked at all your purple and loved them! And I tried to copy your fab blue patterned dress for my post, but it wouldn't let me save it to my computer. So now that I have your permission, I will link your post so people can check you out in all your fabulousness!!


Ann Marie said...

Your mom is an amazing woman.

Her comment to PL made me teary eyed. And now I'm getting teary eyed again just thinking about it.

tam pham said...

thank you for making me tear up in the middle of the afternoon.

lookrichbitch said...

AHAHAHAAHA!! "Too chola"!

Miss D, you'll never be chola.. Unless you pluck out all your eyebrows and wear only brown lip liner. *laughs*

I heart your mommy!

Jadelily said...

I love reunion stories. It's amazing how fate works, to bring people back into our lives at the right time.

amber said...

this is just so touching.


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