Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Scene
Work. Work. Work. Blah. Blah. Blah.

Pick up dinner at bld and almost buy the little honey jars Mr. D and I have been coveting for our moms. LOOK HOW ADORABLE!!!

Give him a call before I do only to find out he picked them up earlier in the day to surprise me! We are so on the same wavelength. C-U-T-E spells us.

While I'm on Beverly I peep in at Diane Merrick. The window display reminds me that I need some asymmetry in my life/closet - STAT. Fall in lust with this one-shouldered Greecian dream. Divine color for summer.

Also loving these unexpected color pairings. Resolve to quit playing it safe and start taking risks with color. After all, it's a super easy way to look put together yet breezy in the summer.

The Outfit
Forever 21 dress
Black wrap sweater

The Accessories
Chanel black chain tote
Canal Street earrings
Fashion District rosette sandals
Forever 21 lucite bangles

The Grade

The Commentary
Got in late last night from playing so wasn't feeling very creative this am. Reached for this black jersey dress that I brought to NYC but didn't wear. When in doubt apparently I am reaching for black lately. How safe of me. Boo.

Do love the detail at the neckline of this dress. And look at the crystal-like detailing at the straps and near the hem. Remind me of stars twinkling.

It all works so well with the Lucite bracelets and the sandals and the faux interlocking C's on my ears. Simple but textured look.

Interesting how at first glance it's all a bit boring, no? But when you look closer you see all the details and appreciate the beauty of how it all fits together.

Kinda like life.

p.s. Um, did you see Kate Moss looking a hot mess the other night in her own twinkly black dress?

And did you see that she left behind something for the paps to remember her by? Y-I-K-E-S spells Kate Moss is a parent.


weezermonkey said...

I am laughing so hard at the extension on the ground.

LBIC said...

OMG Kate's extension is hilarious. How does it just fall out like that?

tam pham said...

i am so OVER kate moss. what a terrible parent. i love the lucite bangles! need me some.


hahaha! but beside the hair issue, I LOVE the black dress!:)


amber said...

i am in major love with your dress!!! totally my style -- demure, but with an interesting pop of detail. <3 <3 <3


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