Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Scene
I managed to break the heel on my Manolos that I JUST got fixed. Literally... on the FIRST day I wear them...I break lunchtime.

Was in denial all day, refusing to look at the heel until my end of day photo shoot with The Peeper. I knew I'd need serious counseling and she is a psychologist, after all.

Her only suggestion was that I see a podiatrist. She was kidding but I'm thinking I might. It's always the right heel.

Am I somehow dragging one leg like Quasimoto?? UGH! What kind of monster am I?? Disgusted with myself!!!

As we parted ways today, I told The Peeper, "Congratulations, you are friends with a horse." Blech!!!!

Ran 4 miles today. 42:52. At least, this Clydesdale did SOMETHING good today.

The Outfit
Forever 21
Old Navy skinny jeans
Marc Jacobs polka dot coat

The Accessories
Chanel art deco earrings
Chanel black tote
Gucci black horsebit sunglasses
Manolo Blahnik black patent pumps

The Outfit

The Commentary
Awake discombobulated after a serious career talk with Mr. Diabolina last night. I manage to try on 3 horrendous outfits before just settling on this one.

The only thing I heart about this outfit are the shoes and I managed to royally f that up. WAH!

These jeans are fine for under $30 skinnies that I wear to The Office but I am itching for a good pair, a designer, luxe, pricey pair. A pair that does something for my butt - anything. And ones that I can wear out at night with my chicas.

Am thinking these Stellas with my credit. They are organic wash which must mean I'm saving the planet as an added bonus.

This coat is admittedly pretty clowny. It's alot of print to pull of. But I heart it. It's Marc after all.

OK enough about my boring outfit and horsey ways, here are four fashion nuggets to brighten your day:

#1. A week ago, Magicalmonica asked where I get my wrap sweaters. She's not alone. EVERYONE'S been asking me. Love that you all love.

I have gotten all of mine at a store called Image in the Beverly Center and at the Westside Pavillion. But have seen some at Banana and Nordstrom's and even on Santee Alley. I have paid about $34. Don't pay more than that.

They were originally inspired by this shot of Katie Holmes. Adore the color combo and the casual elegance of this whole look. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Her sweater was BCBG. Pretty sure she paid too much.

I think the whole wrap sweater trend is completely over, kaput. Like Uggs and sweat suits are over but people still wear them. I can't get enough of them tho. It's often hard to find just the right jacket for just the right price. But these sweaters are easy and versatile. I think they are going to be a staple as I age and require elegant coverups. They feel timeless not trendy to me.

The Joy Gryson line for Target that comes out next week on April 6 looks cute. I am a sucker for anything Bottega Veneta-esque!

Not sure I'll get one (MAYBE the cutout handle one in green) but excited that the former accessories director for Mr. Jacobs is doing a collaboration with a mass retailer. It means he's one step closer to doing that even "lower" diffusion line that he talked about to Vogue like FOUR years ago.

Right off the heels of their last high end (but alas, BOring!) collaboration with Pierre Hardy, Gap is introducing its second limited collection of designs inspired by the classic Gap white shirt.

I'm most excited about the Philip Lim and threeAsFour pieces. They look sweetly sexy.

I saw a threeAsFour fashion show in L.A. when they were As Four and it was so cutting edge. Love how weird but beautiful and wearable their stuff is. The high end designs hit Gap stores April 15.

I heart all things Marimekko. Very excited about the collaboration of the iconic Finnish textile company with H&M.

Looks like some fun and funny pieces will be emerging next month in stores. Yummers.

I'll try not to break any of it :(


Jennifer said...

Hi! First time visiter here! I love how you combine high and low when you dress! I have the $30 skinnies and I love them! Unfort. my reason for buying them is I can't find a high-end jean designer who makes them in my larger size...I wish the jean designers would realize that a. some women are curvy and b. some women are one size larger than a
Great blog!

Jean Bean said...

What do you do when you break a heel? How do you walk? Do you keep a pair of shoes under your desk for these moments or what? I want to be prepared for emergencies. Thank you.

Lynn Tran said...

Que lastima! Tear for your shoes.

MissJordyPants said...

I have yet to break a shoe in my high heeled career. How'd you break it?!

Also. I have a question.

Dear Diabolina,

I bought some vintage day gloves (I was super inspired by Funny Face). They're ivory and scrunched down each side. How/Where do I wear them without feeling costumey. I put them on for Easter brunch and thought I look ridiculous!



weezermonkey said...

So sad re heel. :(

Confession: I only like Marimekko when it comes to linens. No me gusta on actual clothes. :P

Kate said...

Sorry about the shoe. I've never broken a heel either. I don't think you're some quasimoto but it is weird that this has happened three times. But seriously, Quasimoto couldn't run 4 miles.

Going to H&M Saturday (we're at B's parents' house this weekend). I really want to find a bunch of things I love since this will literally be the second time ever that I've had the chance to shop there. Wish me luck!


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