Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Scene
Wake up to reminders of a party I didn't get to fully enjoy. Wah!

On the upside at least the fridge is full. It's typically barren. There's usually only a few beers in there for Mr. D and a few Diet Cokes for me. We are such the urbanite couple cliche.

Upon waking , Mr. Diabolina announces he'd like to go shopping for patio furniture today. Yum, sounds promising.

First we fuel up at a Westwood institution with this chandelier that he hearts. Very Domino magazine. I heart Domino.

During the meal, Mr. D fields calls from lawyers expressing gratitude for last night. Sweet. I hope I get some flowers out of the ordeal ;)

After eats, we shop. Well, more like window shop. Ugh. We hit Home Depot Expo and Pottery Barn and Z Gallerie AND Crate and Barrel. But nothing is up to snuff. Mr. Diabolina is quite finicky when it comes to the house. And, well, everything.

After a couple of hours of thwarted cash dropping, I am struck by The Shopping Frenzy. I have to spend money. Physically need to "go somewhere and buy something" (Are you reading Mr. Roboto?)

Thankfully I see some purrfect pillows and place mats on sale at Crate and Barrel. YAY. I actually need both.

We also pop into one of the new Kira Plastinina stores. Have you heard of her? Well I can't seem to stop hearing about the 15 year old daughter of a Russian billionaire who is opening stores all over the US. Have been seeing signage for stores in Beverly Hills, on Robertson, in the Americana at Brand, at the Beverly Center. Loads of money being spent.

Was dying to see if the fashion lived up to the hype. And ugh was I disappointed. Apparently all the money is being spent on the media machine. Blech. It was like Betsey Johnson on vodka. A mess.

Not ONE thing looked remotely hot or luxe. It was all super bedazzled and cheese and poor quality. Didn't even look at the prices. What for?

Wonder how long daddy will keep hemorrhaging money for his lil princess. And The Hills girls stop coming to her parties. Ugh. I hate feeling jealousy.

We have party left overs for dinner and then we payperview Lars and the Real Girl. Sweet and quirky. Now I finally get the Ryan Gosling thing. Sweet and quirky.

The Outfit

Target dress

The Accessories
Forever 21 lucite bangles and necklace
Fashion district rosette sandals
Forever 21 Damier tote
Chanel sunglasses
Faux Chanel earrings

The Grade

The Commentary
Decided to dig this dress out after I read Kate of All Trades' recent post about incorrectly sized clothing ending up on the sale rack. Truly words of wisdom to live by. She learned them from her little sister and I learned them from this dress. Bought it at Target in January for about $12. Bought a size XS and it's still too big. INCONCEIVABLE!

For the record, I'm not delusional to think I'm a small much less an XS. I took a medium into the dressing room at first. Too too big. Grabbed the small. Same thing. But hesitated before getting the XS. Who did I think I was?

But apparently some Target designer was smokin crack and deemed my size 8 body an XS when they mass produced this little number. Judging from the racks and racks of them I saw I guess most women couldn't see past the sizing. They didn't have my patience, they didn't dare to embrace their inner skinny minny.

I just really dug this print and the detailed neckline and the sacky shape. Reminds me of Philip Lim Spring 2008.

He was loving this yellow and gray combo and girly detailing and a slightly amorphous shape.

The print also reminded me of the first Philip Lim dress that caught my eye. This little tiered polka dot shift. Classic, lovely, chic.

Wore the dress this winter with boots and dark accessories. Today I lightened up. Pulled the gray out with silvery accessories and my LV Damier. Love how it all came together for an easy Saturday shopping look.

On a whim decided to add the Marni inspired necklace. I am seeing that statement necklaces are still big this fall. Thank god cuz I have enough to last me two lifetimes.

Was a bit concerned about pairing the cheapy necklace with the cheapy dress. So I showed it to Mr. D before we left and asked him if it was too much high fashion on a dime (Us Weekly taught me the term Recessionista this month - do you love it?) He said no, that it worked.

Cut to an hour later. We walk into the restaurant for lunch and a woman with her mom whirl around in their chairs to ask me where I'd gotten my necklace. Their eyes almost fell out of their head when I said Forever 21.

Mr. Diabolina looked proud as a peacock. As if he'd picked out the necklace for me to wear himself.



G said...

that Kira tween (teen?) has said Paris Hilton is her idol. 'nuf said.

p.s. think you should totally try the leggings, but i remember seeing them on 3rd St., and you're right, they are NOT meant for the light of, at all...

LBIC said...

I agree with G about Kira. It really is enough said lol.

tam pham said...

how i love that we're always on the same wavelength!! i actually have the Lim polka dot shift...try looking for it at Nordies...I got it there a few weeks ago for 40% off! kisses!

amber said...

i was actually pretty shocked at how cute some of the jewelry is in forever 21. much better than i had originally anticipated.

cute look m'dear.

Anonymous said...

I heart the chandelier and I heart Forever 21 accessories!

Sable Crow said...

I love you so much it's disgusting. I've instituted a new policy whereby I don't comment on people's websites if they don't return my actual phone calls itrw. NO MORE COMMENTS FOR YOU, RECESSIONISTA. :) Your writing style on this last post is really top-notch. You should write a book.

WendyB said...

Yellow and gray is a nice combo.

TINA said...

hmm...havent been to any kira stores, but maybe i'll check it doesnt seem like anything will be purchase-worthy, though.

i love the print on the dress! actually, i didnt really think the necklace looked cheap at all.
very nice look. :)

Kate said... glad my post inspired another wearing of this dress. I like it! Feel you and Mr D on the patio furniture. We finally settled on ours and it took awhile to get there. Good luck!

Ana said...

Yellow and grey is my favorite color combination right now! The outfit is hot...and that necklace is fantastic!

I just blogged about bold jewelry...and yours would fit right in with the others!


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