Monday, June 2, 2008

The Scene
Back to work. One week until my first tradeshow in Beantown. Getting nervous, in a good way.

Had a yummy, yakking dinner with KFR. We had champagne and toasted our new jobs. Excited to start this new journey with her.

God, is she a rock star. Miss working with her. Maybe one day our professional paths will cross again. For now I'll just booze with her :)

The Outfit
Forever 21 dress

The Accessories
Marc Jacobs Sophia black bag
Marc Jacobs pointy flats

The Grade

The Commentary

Today is a warm weather weather version of this look from back in January. Essentially did the first version of the outfit to a T. Hee hee! Clearly that was my fave. So easy, so Marc.

Marc is showing a similar print this season. $250ish. Like my Forever better. More lively and a better cut on me. The full skirt not so good on the full hips.

This Chloe dress looks like a dress I loved in college. In the mid-ninties. Yikes. Is fashion already cycling back there? For over $1000 I think I'll pass. Though I do LOVE LOVE LOVE those mummy boots.

Yesterday, after SATC, my mom and I hit Forever. Tried on this chiffony ombre look. What do you think?

Look closely around the hips. Not very flattering with the subtle pleating. For $39 I decided to pass. But if you are fairly narrow through the hips I'd really recommend it. Made me feel pretty. Oh so pretty and witty and wise :)

Must admit I am feeling tres boring in my work choices of late. Probably because I find the new job, well, less than inspiring. The people are lovely and the paycheck is even lovelier but well, there's not a lot of inherent creativity in my role. But I knew that going in. Sigh.

Really have to figure out how to find fulfillment in my work. I'm not getting any younger and all of this searching isn't getting any cuter.

But for now I am trying to focus on how lucky I am to have everything that I have. Trying to exude gratitude to the universe. Hear it's the best way to create good energy around you.

Also going to put my intention out there. See what comes back to me.

I'll start with these Marc goodies I've been coveting.

Maybe the universe will feel I should have them and put them on sale :)


tam pham said...

sorry to hear the job is kinda dull, BUT at least you get to travel east....which of course means shopping galore!

dapotato said...

we should so do a fab lunch so can dress to impress me...and not at the blah places in my building's courtyard. ;)

the weather's fine, and there are a few places nearby with lovely outdoor seating.

oh yeah, but my fashion standards are low, so maybe you can still wear a blah-to-you-outfit and impress me. ;)

LBIC said...

I actually think the last dress looks pretty on you. Well, at least what I can see from the pictures.

Hopefully things pick up in the job department. A great paycheck is great but if you're not really happy with the job, is it really worth it?

have a great weekend!

amber said...

ah, beantown! i have many happy memories of that place. :)

feel better about the work ensembles dear -- they're still way better than what most of us wear to work ;)

MissJordyPants said...

I'm sad that your work is so dull. I'm sad that my work is so dull. Boo.

However, I do whole heartedly adore those flats.

lookrichbitch said...

I totally have the same dress as you! I haven't worn it in a while.. Might have to pull it out again. I get sooo many compliments whenever I wear it. :)

Cee said...

I have the same dress F21 dress. I love it and it feels so girly. I just went to F21 last night and found zilch. I wanted so badly to buy something but nothing caught my eye. Le sigh.

Cute ombre dress. I have the same problem. I've been trying to slim my thighs but looks like lipo might be a future option.

[squealing] MJ goodies.


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