Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Scene
Hump day. Blah day.

Walked to lunch with my boss. Tripped and almost bit it...hard...TWICE. It wasn't the boots. I am just prone to tumbles. So is my mom. And so is her mom. Guess we gots plenty o "sass" genes but not so much the coordination genes. We all think it's hilarious. My boss on the other hand seemed mortified. Whatevs!

Best part of my day was Mami coming over with dinner. She was clearly upset that I was upset by yesterday's bitter bunny incident and wanted to feed me to show me love. It's how we Latins do. Her shoes were super cutie Stuart Weitzmans. Yum.

The Outfit
Forever 21 Annie Dress
inspired by Marc Jacobs
Forever 21 thin black turtleneck
Slim eggshell rain coat from Austria

The Accessories
Black footless tights
Steve Madden boots inspired by Chloe
Marc Jacobs Venetia tomato bag
Luella Bartley for Target cuff

The Grade

The Commentary
This Forever 21 dress is my idea of heaven. Seriously. It is Marc Jacobs-y detailing for under $30. The print, the cut, the buttons, the polka dot lining, the peeps of color. Adore all of it. It's become a total go-to since last summer. Loved it so much bought a slightly different version for FancyPants.

My work amigo The Riz scored major points when he saw a girl wearing it out one night. I had worn it a few days earlier and waxed poetic about Forever 21 and MJ for nearly half an hour. He simply repeated what I'd said and came off super fashion literate. I like teaching boys about fashion. And heart the ones who don't just feign interest.

Today I channeled Lucky and did a little layering. Nothing too complicated just the thin turtleneck under the dress and boots with tights. Really digging this look this winter. Feels Parisian. So easy but clean and chic. Would like to branch out and get a few more thin colored turtlenecks but not sure it's worth it. Hopefully winter in L.A. is almost over.

Here are a few more super simple outfits from one delish dress.

With Marc pointy flats and Marc's classic Sophia bag (I dream of the day we are besties and he makes me a Diabolina bag. Sigh!)

With my Marc by MJ denim tote and Narcisco Rodriguez spiked sandals.
The denim of the bag tones down the sexiness of the shoe with bare legs.

With a little puffed sleeved, peter-pan-collar black jacket, Marc round toe rafia bow pumps and Chanel tote. Cute for work!

Maybe a tomato pashmina with slouchy boots and the Marc tote? Haven't tried this ensem but kinda loving it, no?

The degree of difficulty of this one is a bit higher and should be attempted with caution. You have to decide whether you are a jeans with a dress type girl. I'm usually not. Hips are pretty big. But maybe this year, I'll give it a whirl. Skinny Old Navy Jeans, the Narcisco heels and the MJ Venetia. Perhaps, perhaps...

Last one. With beige wrap sweater, Marc Jacobs hobo and Stuart Weitzman flat gold gladiator sandals. Imagine this with a bold gold necklace, maybe a headband. Breezy stylin' for a casual day of fun.

Remember I didn't even add jewelery or hair accessories to these looks. That really makes an impact in the overall effect. Will throw that in the mix next time ;)

Which look would you wear to death?


Michelle said...

Great find at Forever21!

I would wear the jeans over dress look - I love that look but you for sure need the right pair of jeans. And high wedges/heels!

weezermonkey said...

#3 for me please. Jacket (to cover my fatty arms) + bows on shoes + Chanel bag = SOLD.

fancypants said...

I love my shirt...wear it to death. I'm into #4 myself. Mami is so very sweet. She makes me smile!

amber said...

i'm kinda diggin' #4. granted, i would need a spray-on tan first as i rival the pillsbury doughboy in the 'whiteness' dept, but i like the idea of that look.

oh, and i'm drooling over your mom's shoes. sigh. so pretty.

Lynn Tran said...

#1 - like that the shoes get to pop in that option.

So lovely of Mama to cheer you up like that. She is a sweetheart. And yes, agree with others, there is no room in your life for Negative Nellies. So 3rd grade, puh-leeze.


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