Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Scene
Drag my ass to the gym after work even tho I have ZERO desire to be there. After it's done I feel like a new woman. Soooo glad I motivated. See how that works?

Have Pinkberry for dinner but quickly become despondent after realizing my camera is misbehavin. The lens isn't opening properly. Actually it's not opening at all. Ugh.

I start to hyperventalate mentally, jut out my lower lip. Start thinking what if I can't blog?? What will I do?? A fashion bloggy blog is no good without the pictures. F. It's my daily creative outlet. What if I couldn't do it? Stupid camera.

Hit the hay waaaay early, saaaaad. Don't even wait for Mr. Diabolina to come home from volleyball. I was THAT upset.

The Outfit
Forever 21 tunic
Forever 21 leggings
Brown wrap sweater

The Accessories
Fashion District rafia circle earrings
BCBG chocolate quilted boots
YSL chocolate tote
Gucci black sunglasses

The Grade


The Commentary

So I am officially addicted to this boot and legging look. Uber comfy and a good choice for the schizo weather of late. Think it's flattering too. Creates a nice line for the eye that makes my lower half look leaner.

I need brown leggings but I'm kinda in denial about it. Trying to convince myself that the black leggings work just fine because the boots are such a rich brown. I'm so weird. Sometimes spending $7 seems decadent to me.

I got this tunic last year at Forever. Got to wear it exactly once before the unthinkable happened. Yep, BRITNEY WORE IT.

AAAAAAA!! Worst.nightmare, right?? Couldn't wear it again, right???

I truly never thought I'd live to see the day our fashion paths crossed. I was devastated. How could this have happened? Where did I go wrong?

In my defense, it was before she went bat-shit-crazy and was only "jumping in the ocean in her undies" crazy. Poor child. And note she wore hers as a dress. Um, no, Brit, it's meant to be worn with nether region coverage. Would love to get my hands on her and teach her fashion 101.

Can't believe she'd wear Forever. Or maybe I can. I've read she trades clothes alot with her "friends." Thankfully, she seems better lately, no? Have you noticed that in every shot lately her dad is in the background? Isn't it bonkers that all of this was just a huge, obscenely public cry for help?

Being a present parent is truly the most important job on the planet. That's why I just say no to babies. Too much of a baby myself. Can't have babies havin babies ;)

Wore these very tribal earrings to play off the jungly feel of the top. Me likes.

Should have stayed up and waited for Mr. Diabolina. He brought home a present from MChu. She was just in NYC visiting a friend WHO WORKS FOR MARC JACOBS INC!!!
Swoon for her!!!!

MChu scored me this little tote. LOVE IT! It actually matched today's tunic to a T. Magic!


Jean Bean said...

What that dress needs is a tall glass of "purple drank."

MissJordyPants said...

I've never been able to find tall boots. I have quite the tree trunk leg situation. Cankles and all. Can never get them to zip up my stubby legs. They look fabulous on you and this makes me jealous :-)

Hope the camera gets a nice fix soon!

Juana said...

I'm in stitches b/c of the Britney pictures. A friend of mine from college was from El Paso. His girlfriend, too. She came out to visit him and at the beach was wearing a Victoria's Secret bra as a swim suit. I pulled my friend aside and told him to tell her that over in these parts we wear bikinis, not bras to the beach.

By the way, the F21 top looks far better with leggings than ass.

Cee said...

I'm so jealous that you can wear flat tall boots. I think it's fab w/ the black leggings. Don't want to be too matchy matchy. Sometimes those brown leggings aren't a pretty brown and could take away from your fabu boots.

Cee said...

At least you wore the dress before Brit Brit did. She's the one who's copying you.

EEEEEEEE, new baggie from Marc! You are too lucky.

Tiffany said...

leggings + boots are awesome. I love it.

The MJ bag - how fun!

BTW you have been Tagged! Go to my blog to find out the rules.


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