Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Scene
Play Driving Miss Daisy all day while my mom's car is being serviced today. I don't mind chauffeuring her around though. Mother's Day weekend after all.

Plus her Gucci shoes, Dior bag and Marc hoodie make her adorably irresistable. I am a willing monkey butler at her service.

I even shuttle her to a hair appointment. Yep, like a true copy cat, she took one look at my new hair and decided she needed a haircut too. She's like the little sister I never wanted. Literally. She is soooo little ;)

Our stylist works her magic once again and leaves her looking and feeling lighter, bouncier.

Which is a blessing, since all day, the conversation turns to M&M. And what her mom and sisters must be going through. And every time, we start crying.

St. Jude and Chowmein update us midday. We know she's been airlifted to South Africa and will be going into surgery tonight. M&M's husband was not injured and actually helped people off the plane after the crash. So courageous!

It's all so upsetting. I feel numb. Still in shock. Can't believe this is actually happening to M&M. Can't believe there's nothing we can do for her.

Grab Mexican for dinner with Mr. Diabolina at one of our fave restaurants. Then Mr. Saint and his girlfriend come over for drinks and quality time before they jet off. Can't believe he had to eulogize his father yesterday and that tomorrow he leaves on business for Indonesia.

Everything all day feels a bit surreal. Like I'm going through the motions. What a strange time. Trying to find the lessons and keep perspective.

The Outfit
Twelve by Twelve color block cardigan
Forever 21 bubble tank
Forever 21 black leggings

The Accessories
Lime green cross earrings
Chanel black chain tote
London sole animal print flats

The Grade

The Commentary
The weather reflected my inner landscape today. Mostly strange and gloomy with intermittent bursts of warmth and sunshine.

So I took the opportunity to wear the new lovely cardigan I bought at Forever on Americana's opening day. Like yesterday's sweater it was part of the more expensive "designer" line. $39 but worth every penny. Perfect versatile cover-up for California because it is season-less and sassy. I leave it unbelted all day to add to the casual fabulousness of it all.

The mix of colors is STUNNING and unique and flattering. Plus the palette effortlessly works with so many OTHER colors that the possibilities for pairings are endless.

The lime green detailing at the edges feels so unexpected, no? Ugh I love it. Makes the whole garment look so luxe.

Decided to pull out a pair of earrings today that I bought in grad school. Haven't worn them in about 4 years. But they match the lime green of the cardigan perfectly. And I remembered how well they work with a tan and highlights. Plus I wanted to lift my spirits, feel fun and young and carefree.

Choose the leggings because the mosquito bites are not budging. F. Feel like Lindsay wearing leggings/pants so much lately. I crave dresses.

Grab the same purse from yesterday because frankly, I don't want to think about a better pairing. Select the shoes because they are comfortable and add another zany print to this offbeat look.

Realizing I wanted easy fashion today because life seems
so hard at the moment.

p.s. Just found the name of this sweater on the Forever 21 Website. Zen Garden Cardigan. Interestingly apropos.


tam pham said...

tell our mommy her hair looks as lovely as yours!

weezermonkey said...

Love the lime green.

I scared Mr. D this morning by shouting to him out my car window as he walked to the Green Giant. It was slightly less obnoxious than actually honking. :)

lookrichbitch said...

you need to come with me to F21! I just wasn't into it this weekend and really didn't find anything cute. phooey! maybe i'll just buy what you have and be baby diabolina.

amber said...

sometimes life is just sucky, isn't it? :(

Cee said...

Love the cardigan. I may just copy you. I sure <3 the F21 @ Americana. Been there 3x already.


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