Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Scene
One day closer to the Chanel party. And Sex and the City The Movie. This week is fabulosity.

Best part of my day was having lunch with Mr. Architect. We discuss stolen cars, our misters, work doldrums, blogging, looking skinny and yoga - all the important topics in life.

Adore that I get to see him more now that we work 10 blocks away from each other. He makes me giddy like the 20 year old schoolgirl I was when I met him.

The Outfit
Forever 21 black eyelet jacket
Banana Republic ribbed black tank
Rogan for Target wide leg trousers

The Accessories
Forever 21 bangle and fuchsia headband
Faux Van Cleef and Arpels necklace
Louis Vuitton earrings
Marc by Marc Jacobs Airliner clutch
Banks & Biddle bracelet
Stuart Weitzman flat gold gladiators
Gucci black horse bit sunglasses

The Grade

The Commentary

In a New York state of mind. What with the SATC movie coming out and my trip coming up next week...lots of Big Apple references swirling around up there.

Decided to to channel head to toe black fierceness with pops of fanciful color. A very L.A. interpretation of NYC style, me thinks.

The headband is sooo Gossip Girl I can hardly stand it. Adore. My favorite combination of late seems to be this fuchsia with turquoise. Feels so fresh and young and live to me. Cannot get enough of it.

This eyelet jacket is a dream. A plethora of details. The sleeves, the shoulders, the the neckline. The peekaboo sweetness that's kinda naughty. Very Chanel meets Nanette Lepore.

Bought it for under $30 about 2 years ago. It has more than paid for itself. Tres chic. The perfect summer jacket.

Felt like giving the new Rogan for Tarjay pants a whirl today. Let me tell you for $39 they are a grrrrrrreat fit. Especially through the seat.

Latin women typically come in two extremes when it comes to rear ends: JLo badonkadonk and Diabolina flat pancake. But this pant miraculously slims across the hips while simultaneously lifting the tush. Amazing feat. You typically have to choose one or the other. The entire Rogan line is made of organic cotton and let me assure you, these pants FEEL as good as they look. Like your favorite pj bottoms.

The leg was definitely more voluminous than I'm used to but I think heels would balance out the width. Felt a bit dumpy schlumpy in the flats. But comfort outweighed fashion today. Ugh. Did I really just say that?? Someone shoot me.

Have been seeing the Duffster in GREAT wide legged jeans lately. And she is tiny. Like a little over 5 feet or something.

Think the key to sporting them is truly adding height. And an of-the-moment bag doesn't hurt ;)


dapotato said...

i LOVE my newish COH wide legs. but yes, this shorty needs to balance them with height. i hemmed them to a length that has to be worn with heels.

my pancake butt may need to check out the rogan pants.

you know i <3 the turquoise.

weezermonkey said...

I thought you didn't watch Gossip Girl!

Da Fashionista said...

i don't watch gossip girl. but I exist on the fashion planet and it's all over the blogs and mags I read.

tam pham said...

if the wb replays the first season over this summer, i command that you watch it. this little Asian midget can't do wide legs....yet...

MissJordyPants said...

ohhh I am pants shopping this weekend. Adore these!

Cee said...

I can't believe wide leg pants are back and the great thing is that they cover my mile high shoes. Hils and I are the same height!

Hmmm, maybe I'll take a gander at those pants.

JillFantastic said...

You look so, so chic. Love it.

And you MUST watch Gossip Girl. You must!

Tiffany said...

The MJ clutch is FAB! I have been eyeing it for months.


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