Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Scene
Back to the salt mines today.

It's starting to sink in that this new life is mine. It's been feeling surreal for the past few weeks. Now it's starting to feel real. Probably because I have deadlines. Gulp.

Had lunch with a dear friend from a job I had five years ago. Can't believe we've known each other that long. He and I worked on a big project together and were work besties for nearly a year.

He kept me sane and vice versa. He is wise and hilarious and supportive and not bad on the eyes either. SOOOO pleased I get to see him more often now that I work 10 minutes from where he lives. YAY!

The Outfit
Strapless brick-colored jersey dress
Chocolate wrap sweater

The Accessories
Louis Vuiton Speedy
Manolo Blahnick d'orsay pumps
Me&Ro necklace
Forever 21 medallion necklace and bangle
Faux Van Cleef & Arpels earrings
Chanel brown sunglasses

The Grade

The Commentary
Wanted to feel comfortable today after such a busy weekend. Wanted to ease into the week - outfit first. But instead of wearing the jersey yumminess with a flat, I decided to keep it on the dressier side by adding the Manolos. Manolos could dress up a trash bag. Plus I figured it'd be the purrfect way to kick off Sex and the City week ;)

I know I sound like a broken record but I just have to reiterate what a divine blank canvas these jersey dresses provide. They work on vacation at the beach and on a day off in L.A. and at a business casual office. It's all about how you accessorize them.

To that end, thought I'd do another little Lucky magazine inspired post. Remember how I've done one outfit worn multiple way posts? Each time I've focused on clothing and shoes and purses. Not so much jewelry.

I'm just not a big jewelry person. Neither is my mom. I learned it by watching her. But I am trying to change that since using jewelry creatively is such an easy way to reinvent an old outfit. It's a low cost way to breathe new life into an old frock. So take a look at how different the same dress can look by just changing ONE thing: the necklace.

Today I layered delicate gold necklaces. Hills girl style. A super luxe one with a $4 one. Not sure you'd be able to tell which one is which and that's the way I like it :) Matched the turquoise earrings to both.

Now here are some necklaces that I've collected from the Fashion District over the years.

None cost more that $20 but look like something you'd get at Nordie's for three times that price, no?

All of them are unique and pretty and add such visual interest to an outfit.

They can all be dressed up or dressed down.

This was my latest purchase. Love the tribal feel with the cobalt color!

Dig how so many of them look like I picked them up on vacation.

These last four neclaces I got at Forever.

All of these I would say cost less than $15.

Liked this flat "stone" one so much that I got it in yellow too.

Never worn this one. Just liked the possibility of it in the store. Still waiting for the perfect outfit for it.

With today's look, you could obviously also change up the sweater/jacket, shoes, bag, earrings and bracelets and even rings to match your necklace of choice. You could even switch up your hair and your makeup too to create even more possibilities...

You gotta love being a girl. It's so much fun! :)


R said...

I would probably love being a girl more if I were you. ;)

tam pham said...

i bought a couple pairs of Chanel earrings yesterday, and I just kept thinking how much more fun it would be if Diabolina was with me. please move to dallas and play with me.

dapotato said...

you need to pick me up and take me east to the fashion district during lunch. although then we'd be way late getting back to work.

drove by three designer resale places today and thought of you.

love jersey dresses and never really thought to wear them to work, for some reason. i think i need to add to my collection.

WendyB said...

The cobalt necklace is wonderful.

Blue Bird said...

Is it just me, or do you look super slammin' here? Especially in the shoulders/collarbone area. Damn, girl.

Sex and the City... mere hours away from opening day.


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