Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Scene
"Business" lunch with Mr. Prettier than Me. Knowing he is a Chinese Chicken Salad connoisseur, I decide to introduce him to my long time favorite.

Behold the CC salad from Feast from the East. She is a thing of beauty. $8 worth of heaven. Today she snagged another convert. A convert prettier than me.

As we tried to pinpoint what exactly it is that makes the salad so transcendent (is it the perfectly shredded chicken? perhaps the scallions? the dressing? what, dear god, WHAT IS IT???) we also covered a whole gamut of topics - deep and spiritual things as well trite and funny things.

I crush on Mr. Prettier than Me. Hard. He's so sweet and intelligent and witty and piggy. Reminds me so much of my Peaches. And he knows it. He's taken to calling himself Peaches 2.0 ;)

When we are done with lunch, he apologizes and says we are heading straight to Sprinkles on the way home. HE'S NEVER BEEN and feels the time has come. Ugh. Could this culinary experience/new friend date BE any more perfect?

So in the name of celebrating his momentous deflowering, I inhale two cupcakes. TWO! I justify this grossness with a) Mr. Prettier than Me eats two too and b) I only eat the cupcake tops. Kinda like that muffin top episode of Seinfeld except these are slathered in icing. Sigh.

Late night, Mr. Diabolina and I meet up with Fancypants and Mr. Roboto in Hollywood. We go see a buddy of theirs perform in a band.

Said friend is the lead singer and is such a good performer that it makes me sad he has to be a lawyer. Sad he can't make the stage his office. Boo to thwarted creativity.

Fancypants and I peep rocker hipsters all night. Most in the skinniest skinny jeans Ive ever seen. Some guy is wearing WHITE skinny jeans that looked painted on with a sleeveless TIGHT tuxedo shirt. Not pretty. Not on his body type and frankly not on MOST body types.

These three girls were wearing dresses that they DID NOT look comfortable in all night. Ugh. You couldn't pay me enough to be awkward and young like that again. It's terrible that we so often piss away our youth and beauty fretting about unimportant things.

Night ended with a kid in a (woman's) white sequin jacket and synthesizer taking the stage. He unexpectedly rocked the house with a little old school Bell Biv Devoe. So fun. Guess he performed at Cochella. Wallpaper. Hysterical moves and lyrics.

One of the best random Wednesdays in recent memory.

The Outfit
Marimekko for H&M top
Theory white pants

The Accessories
Louis Vuitton earrings
Forever 21 necklace
YSL tote bag
London Sole animal print flats

The Grade

The Commentary
Pretty sure this is my longest streak of sporting white pants. Ever. Fie on these bites.

Matched today's pair of Theory slacks with the other Marimekko top I scored at H&M. Heart the over the top print in this BRIGHT color combo. Match my Louis Vuitton earrings to a T. Plus the top complements the tan nicely and makes me feel like I'm on holiday in Capri :)

Loving these new London Sole flats I bought recently. Very luxe looking but only $27, resale at Crossroads. I have been looking for a great animal print flat for about a year and think this one will more than do.

Took a chance with the evening look. Not sure it completely worked out but at least I felt good in it. This tunic is quite the conundrum. Also got it at Crossroads. $14, no tag. It's got so much going on that it makes it a bit tough to style.

It's sweet but tough. Flirty but naughty. Heart the contrasts. The frilly ruffles next to the punky stud detail. Think it went quite well with the long leggings and Prada ombre shoes and vintage clutch and Chanel earrings.

I didn't look like anyone else out at the club - that's for sure. There was a time (my early 20s) when that would have made me feel pretty uncomfortable. But tonight, it just made me feel like me.

Gotta love your 30s :)

p.s. Realized today's two outfits could have easily swapped the bottoms to create two additional cute outfits.

p.p.s. Will do more one item worn multiple ways soon soon soon. You voted for it, I'll deliver.


Michelle said...

*Taking a break from my studies*

Peaches 2.0 is such a cutie! You have the cutest friends. I have to check out H&M soon...I find the Bev Center H&M to have the best selection...but alas I live far-ish from the Bev Cen.

And London Sole flats for $27? I must hire you to assist me with shopping - you find the best finds! I can pay you in coffee & cupcakes!

R said...

I don't look like the other girls at the club anymore either, but I'm OK with it too. Not fashionable like you, but still just me. I do heart the 30s. :)

MissJordyPants said...

I love Chinese Chicken Salads! I probably have at least one a week! (added to the list of resturants that I need to check out).

Jean Bean said...

The secret is absolutely in the tangy dressing, which is proprietary and you can buy at Feast From The East.

Jennifer said...

Loving both looks, but the bottom one LOVE. I wasn't a leggings girl, but all of a sudden, the leggings craze hit me...hard.

KFR said...

Love how you furtively take photo of Mr. D. while actually capturing the three awkward girls. AND he indulges you this way ... what a guy.

(Not sure if quite so furtive: that girl on the left may have clocked you! Or else she stoned and just gazing off in distance.)

weezermonkey said...

That guy is prettier than almost everybody.


Don't tell Mr. Monkey.

Cee said...

Those are such fabu finds at Crossroads. I have to saunter over there one of these days.

I love the top, kinda reminds me of the F21 top but w/ bling.

Mr. Prettier is such a hottie. drool

tam pham said...

hi friend! your friend is so cute. I have my own Peaches (he lives in OKC though..wah!) but a Peaches 2.0in Dallas would be nice too! Love the H&M top! I've never had Chinese Chicken Salad which makes me feel guilty because I'm Asian :-/.

amber said...

you know, they sell that feast from the east dressing at costco. just sayin' ;)


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