Monday, May 12, 2008

The Scene
First Monday at the office.

Meetings all morning and then a nice department lunch in my honor. Two of the peeps that I was already loving revealed shyly that they watch The Hills. YAY KINDRED SPIRITS!!!

One of them is even friends with an editor on the show who says the four main chicas get paid SEVEN figures!!! Holy poop. Mental note: Get on a vapid reality show focused on fashion and female friendships that becomes a cash cow for MTV.

Planned on meeting Styleminded and T at The Cuddler and Lauragami's kickball game but Mr. Diabolina draws me into his web instead. He makes me get comfy and cuddly and settle in for The Hills and the after show.

So can you BELIEVE Lauren stood up for Lo? F. Can you BELIEVE Heidi left her big boss hanging? F squared.

And just LOOK at these Mother's Day pics I found. Ugh that girl. I will probably never have a Hermes shopping bag that I can fit in. Or a totally impractical, dreamily tacky Chanel bag. Wah!

Everyone failed me by telling me education was the way to succeed in life. What.a.sucker.

p.s. Got great news about M&M. She was able to move one of her legs today. Positive sign.

Thanks a million for all the good thoughts and keep them coming. Her road to recovery is going to be a long one.

The Outfit
Marc by Marc Jacobs top
Theory slacks
Vintage purple cardigan

The Accessories
YSL patent pumps
YSL tote
Louis Vuitton earrings
Banks&Biddle bangle

The Grade

The Commentary
Not feeling particularly inspired this morning and sad about M&M and it's unseasonably cold outside AND the office environment is so casual (my KRYPTONITE) that I don't want to look like I'm trying too hard. Ugh. Too much swirling about in this big noggin...

I had YSL on the brain after my mom's big purchase yesterday so built the outfit from the shoes up. Decided showing the bitten up legs yesterday was a mistake. My mom made I comment. I don't want to talk about it. All you need to know: I'm back to pants.

Decided on the Marc because I wanted some color to brighten my mood. This top continues to thrill me to no end. Realized it matches my new Marc clutch perfectly and my new Louis Vuitton lover should I choose to bring him home :)

The dress version is now on sale for $200 at Neiman's and $149 at Bloomie's. Run don't walk if you want a Marc piece that is timeless and can be dressed down or up and coordinates so well with so many pieces.

I personally have had my eye out for this Marc satchel FOR MONTHS. So dreamy.

Just saw the skirt in this print hit stores so hoping the bag will follow.

Don't need it but sure do loves it.


weezermonkey said...

!!! I want seven figures. I will even work out and stop eating to get the figure to deserve seven figures.

amber said...

oh, that marc print on the bag is fabulous! speaking of your boy marc, i just saw his new fragrance "pear" being pimped in my In Style magazine. and now i must go smell it as i have a funny feeling it may be a great scent for this summer....

Jean Bean said...

The wait is over. I saw that bag at Saks a month ago. Hurry!

MissJordyPants said...

I'm not sure I could ever watch that show. But for 7 figures, I would definitely star in it :-)

Cee said...

No wonder those girls can afford to do what they could do. Dam! We so missed the bus for a reality TV show. I lived the fabu life of a club promoter aka Heidi for a couple of years before SBE is now what it is. boo.

Can you imagine how much fun we'd have running through Hollywood. le sigh.

Fabu news about M&M. Still sending her good thoughts.

tam pham said... annoyed that Heidi can afford Hermes. Stupid hag! That Marc top is divine on you...still waiting for my Marc dress! Kisses!


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