Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Scene
No Mommy Sunday today. She's been off galavanting in NYC without me since Thursday. Wah. I miss her.

Mr. Diabolina heads to work for a few hours so I am left to entertain myself. No problemo! As an only child, this has always been my specialty ;)

I decide to pack for Mexico as the next couple of days are gonna be a whirlwind of emotion - what with ending my job and all - and don't want to let it cloud my packing mojo.

I start with the obvious: sandals and bathing suits. If my body was better, this is ALL I'd wear on vacation. Seriously!

My vacation m.o. is beach, sun, drink, repeat. I am not a big adventurer. I want to turn my brain off and luxuriate. Eat good food, MAYBE do a bit of shopping. We'll see if my new found sportiness changes any of this. I hope not. I just want to relax before the new jobby job starts.

To pair with my swimsuits, I pack a Marc denim mini and some brown flava'd cover-ups. Also pack away some strapless/ skimpy jersey dresses that I want to keep a surprise :)

Quickly realize that I'm really packing two outfits a day since the beachwear is not what I intend to wear out for dinner/drinks/clubbing/shopping. Perish the thought, dear readers! A true fashionista never gets lazy or repeats outfits. Not even on vacation.

Ultimately, am probably over-packing but, since everything is so miniscule/thin, it's not adding much bulk. Plus, I always think it's better to be over prepared with options when you travel. Never know what mood you'll be in or what might come up. Just call me Diabolina McGwyver.

My fave part of the packing is going through my jewelry. I pick all my prettiest colors and least expensive stuff to bring along. Most of it I've gotten in the fashion district and Forever 21 for pennies but it makes me just as happy as my Chanel and Marc trinkets.

It all just screams VACAY to me! YAYYAYAY!

After I'm packed and the house is straightened, I run an errand for Mr. Diabolina. It entailed going to JCPenny and I don't want to talk about it. The things one does for love...

Try to make it all better by stopping by Gap to visit the limited edition CFDA designs. I am not much of a white button shirt wearer so nothing is uber inspring. Even if it is Philip Lim and ThreeAsFour. Boo!

Instead I traipse over to the sale section. Haven't bought anything at Gap in at least a year. Ironically that's about when they hired Patrick Robinson. Big article on him in Vogue this month. Whatever, Anna, I'm not impressed.

Do end up picking up two nautical summery tops. They are both voluminous (read: a bit dowdy) but I heart how clean they feel. Have to get an extra small in one and am swimming in the other one which is a medium. Gap sizes are soooo off. Jean Bean and I were JUST talking about this. Spend a grand total of $17. The mark down on each is like 70 percent. Yay.

Stop in and say hello to my little friends at Forever 21. Like this tunic quite a bit. Loving the color combo. But at $27 decide it's not worth it. Looks a bit maternity chic and it's tissue thin. I would rip a hole right through it in no time.

Do pick up a $10 floppy straw hat for Mexico that will make me feel like JLo - pre-twins at the MTV awards circa The Chris Judd marriage! God, that woman is over-the-top fierce and I LOVE IT.

Then I head to A Snail's Pace to pick up new running shoes. So.freaking.excited! The sales guy is very knowledgeable and lovely. He has me run for him in a test pair of kicks. He tells me my feet turn in only slightly. He also notes I have a slender foot and a medium arch. I measure a size 8 1/2 but he has me go up a full size to account for swelling. Smart!

I try on like 6 pairs that he keeps flourishing as if I were the queen of England. Ultimately settle on a pair of $89 Saucony shoes that I promptly sport on a 4-mile run at the gym. They are heavenly.

Enjoy a sushi dinner with my sweet and hit the hay early. WONDERFUL WEEKEND! First Sunday in a long time that I don't get the Monday Monsters. I highly recommend quitting ;)

The Outfit
Isaac Mizrahi for Target cashmere cardigan
Marc Jacobs wool tank top
Theory wide leg white trousers

The Accessories
Louis Vuitton earrings
Forever 21 necklaces, bangles and scarf
Chanel black chain tote
Stuart Weitzman gladiator gold sandals
Gucci sunglasses

The Grade

The Commentary
I have been wearing non-stop dresses lately because they are easy and make me feel less fats if not look less fats. Sigh.

Today decided to challenge myself to put together a summery separates look that was still warm enough to deal with the weekend's schizophrenic weather.

Tried to pair this light sweater with yesterday's dress to see if I could do a blue-on-blue look. Did not work AT ALL. So today I looked for a top and pants that might work better.

Instantly, I selected the Marc skimpy tank. I love it even if it's not super flattering due to the thin wool material and my trunk chunk. The detail on the neckline feels like a carnival on my boobs. It's a party on my decollotage. It's a festival of lights on my chest. Probably what boobs always look like to a baby. (Yes, I have babies on the brain all the time since I turned 29. Ugh.)

I got the top resale at Crossroads in West Hollywood for less than $30 and the pants were also resale at the Jewish Ladies Council Thrift Store near Westwood. They were less than $20. Savings? In the hundreds.

The gold shoes came next and then the Chanel bag and then the PITCH PERFECT swirl of colors scarf. What a matchy-matchy, high-low dream of an outfit.

Left the house wearing the earrings (now officially my faves!) but not the necklaces. Those I bought and instantly put on. They won't last very long as the gold plating will likely tarnish quickly. What can you expect for $4.

But, I am loving the gold dainty pendant with white and a bit of a tan. Very Jennifer Aniston/Cameron Diaz.

Very rich 30something, California girl cool.


Mrs. Shorty Cake said...

Sooo jealous of your vacay...have a great time! Love the tops from the Gap too :)

Kate said...

OK, you are killing me lately. You look so fantastic and your posts are awesome. My mom asked about you today. She's all "who's this Diabolina? How do you know her?" I could tell she was impressed.

You look amazing, I call for bikinis non-stop in Mexico.

LOVE the in-dressing room shots. Mr. T is seriously swooning over those. He told me they are voyeur style and super hot. Have to agree.

The P-sons are major over-packers. As you point out, you never know what you are going to want to wear. And aren't vacations about indulging anyway?

Totally feeling you on the Patrick Robinson thing....unfortch.

Clearly you are feeling chubs, but girl, you do not look chubs. You look hot in your pictures. Thin, toned and hot. I do not throw that around all willy nilly, I mean it.

Mr. T and I had a hilarious conversation about doing a wife swap with you and Mr. Diaboina last night. Hilarious.

Hearting you like crazy.

tam pham said...

i'm totally on your Gap wavelength...Haven't shopped there in a year, and last week, I scored some fun items! random. anyways, so excited about your Mexican vacay...looking forward to lots of pics. I need someone to style copy since I'm going to Mexico at the end of May and I HATE TO PACK! Where exactly in Mexico are you going? Bf and I going to Tulum...sights for him to see and beautiful beach for me! Kisses my love!

Jean Bean said...

Saucy Saucony!

weezermonkey said...

New running shoes! Woo!
Vacation! Woo!
Woo! Woo! Woo!

dapotato said...

enjoy your vacay and time off before the new job!

Lynn Tran said...

Looking lovely as usual, and much thinner than you give yourself credit for. Have a great vacay!

MissMissy said...

I'm in love with the first top from the Gap - the straps, the neckline, the bow - very very flattering!

yay for Vacations!!!

MissJordyPants said...

uberjealous of your upcoming vacation. I think I need another one STAT.

I always overpack and there's never enough to choose from. Indulge in your copious amounts of clothing! I once visted my gaga in florida with 11 pairs of shoes. For five days. (I've gotten better)

Cee said...

ditto on gap. their stuff gets recycled annually. and goes on sale w/in 3 wks. heh.

how are you like differ desinger's white button down versions?

meh for me.


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