Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Scene
Belated birthday brunch with Mr. Diabolina and his folks and my mom. Outside on the patio at the Chateau Marmont. Alas we are not allowed to take pictures. Hate when they limit my paparrazi ways.

But let me assure you it was a very Hollywood swanky scene, very lovely company.

Mr. Diabolina's mom has been reading this blog and admits to feeling a little intimidated when she was getting dressed this morning. She looks adorable in springy pastels and some of the cutest little shoes (pink! crotchet! round toes! flats!) I've seen in a while.

Mr. D's parents gave him a sweet jacket. He insisted on getting a "blog" photo in my usual spot while paying homage to baby Diabolina. He is funny.

Then my momma and I get down to business, serious shopping business. We haven't shopped together in weeks and we need to do some damage.

She buys some adorable retro shoes at Nordie's and a new hoodrat hoodie at Marc Jacobs. She really is one of the coolest parents on the planet.

I leave the sky blue Marc clutch on hold at Barney's Co-op. Not sure what to do. I definitely want it but not sure I need it.

At the Grove, we see that Dancing with the Stars girl who was in Hairspray. I notice her feet first. They are normal color while her legs are burnt orange.


In the evening, Mr. B comes over for dinner and drinks as does Sable Crow.

Mr. B spies pictures of all of us in college and says, "I pictured you guys just like this...except cool." Touche!

I kinda want to marry Mr. B. Definitely getting to know him, getting to like him, getting to hope he likes me...

He is just so adorable. Especially when he bonds with Mr. Diabolina over reindeer games and wears form-fitting tops and talks Oprah's book club and lets me morph his jaunty scarf into a Jewish grandmother headwrap.

Sable Crow says Mr. B might be the new Peaches. Ruh oh - Peaches will not like such talk!

p.s. Here's his super sweet head shot. H-O-T LIKE FIRE!!!!!!!! This is sure to make him come out of lurking and comment ;)

Seriously tho, he's like too delish NOT to be famous.

The Outfit
Midnight blue dress with triangle pockets

The Accessories
Me&Ro necklace
Louis Vuitton earrings
Blue bangles
Marc Jacobs Irina tote
Stuart Weitzman sanda

The Grade

The Commentary
What a dress, no???? The color combination feels very Chloe or maybe even Marni. AND JUST LOOK AT THE TRIANGLE POCKETS. They are functional and fabulous! I have died and gone to heaven.

It was one of yesterday's purchases downtown. $35. Worried that I once again bought it to big. This volume look is soo hard to get just right.

Ultimately, however, it was the sandals that were the star of the show today. No joke like a dozen people ask me about them. One Nordie's sales woman even called Bloomie's to put some on hold for her. Amazing!

After all the attention they garnered this weekend, am pondering buying a version in black. We shall see. Otherwise, my quest for the perfect flat black sandal appears to be doomed....

Here are some of the prettiest things we saw while shopping today - loads of color and feminine touches and (unfortunately) exorbitant pricing. Which one's your fave?


tam pham said...

Yay! I love mommy posts!!! :-)

fancypants said...

I personally love these Dolce Vita gladiators as good black sandals.

Kate said...

I think it would be a HUGE mistake NOT to get that blue bag. You do need it. I need it. Damn college fund..... :(

Lynn Tran said...

Love the shoes that your Mom bought - adorable.

weezermonkey said...

I would comment on the clothes, but I am too distracted by the fiery headshot.

Did you check your yahoo account? I sent you email re fun. Maybe it went to spam....

Anonymous said...

I love the dress and I want those button bubble looking sandals. :)

amber said...

i've been eyeing those sw sandals for weeks now. might be time to finally do something about it... ;)


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