Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Scene
Have I mentioned that gay men and old people LOVE me? No? Well, they do. Since I was a child and almost without exception.

Unfortunately, mosquitos also love me. Something about my delicious Sprinkles-filled blood, me thinks. Also think it's hereditary since they terrorize my mom too. And like the little princesses we are, we have really bad reactions to the bites. Big red painful itchy welts. UGH!

Try to put the pain out of my head as we head out to Playas Gemelas. Beautiful white sand and appropos since Danny B is a twin.

I settle in with my book and busted legs and Mr. Diabolina finds a sliver of shade to sleep in. Heaven.

The sporty couple, on the other hand, decides to snorkle. Unfortunately, within five minutes, they spot jelly fish in the water. I have never seen one so I go take a gander.

They don't seem very scary but Danny B has been stung and says (practically in tears) he is out. No snorky for him. This coming from a guy who goes shark fishing. At night. The record scratches on our fun beach day and we head back to our pool paradise. Not quite sure why we left in the first place ;)

There we deal with more innocuous wildlife - lady bugs and iguanas. Did you know that in addition to Predator, Night of the Iguana was filmed in Puerto Vallarta?

Well, Danny B knew and he gets it in his head that he wants to catch one. Ugh. He thinks he's the Crocodile Hunter for realz.

Daisy Duke's and I start getting real nervous since it seems iguanas speak English and they are spreading news of a gringo who fancies himself an iguana catcher. O SHIT!

No joke we see about half a dozen in the span of an hour. Before, we'd seen about three in three DAYS.

Eek and they are all circling the pool area from above. AAAAAAAA! It starts feeling like a terrible slasher movie waiting to happen. Night of the Iguana: Tourist Blood Bath 2008. If I wasn't drunk, I'd be scared.

When Danny B goes to take a siesta, Mr. Diabolina takes over iguana duty. He sets out dried mango as a trap. Danny B. is the definition of a bad influence!

He practices his golden lasso skills on me. And I tell him the truth - that he's totally delusional if he thinks he can wrangle himself an iguana.

Have enchiladas for dinner. Though tasty, they don't hold a candle to Mr. Diabolina's family recipe. Who knew he was Mexican????

Daisy Duke's wears the PERFECT maxi dress for dinner. I NEED ONE!

In addition to her prettiness, we are treated to the most spectacular sunset yet. The colors are breathtaking and we all go picture crazy. Love when nature is so beautiful that human beings suddenly think they are spectacular photographers.

We finally get a photo with our favorite person, the house man, Eufracio. He is lovely and so accommodating the entire trip. He and I bond discussing his sisters and son who live in Long Beach. I hope someday I can repay the hospitality he has shown us. What.a.sweetheart!

End the night GOING NUTS with Pictionary and Scattergories. Once again, Danny B. dominates and is hilarious doing so. I heart him. Funny how it often takes a change of setting to completely rediscover someone you've known forever.

The Outfit
Fashion District yellow dress
Roxy blue swimsuit
Forever 21 turquoise rings

The Accessories
Fuchsia hair flower
Forever 21 turquoise rings
Old Navy turquoise flip flops

The Grade

The Commentary
You've seen this dress before but isn't it just perfect in Mexico??? With the flower in the hair and the turquoise accents. Ugh. So adorably sassy.

I always do flowers in the hair on vacation. When I was in high school, I did it alot just because. So froufy girly of me.

Got these orchids in pinks, yellow and white for the tropical bridal shower I threw for Chowmein (she got married in Jamaica.) Everyone who attended the shower left with one. I wonder if people still have them six years later and take them on vacation like I do. I hope so.

The newest thing I want to do is feathers in the hair. Had the idea a few weeks ago at Urban Outfitters.

But thought I might be too old to pull it off.
And it might look TOO Pocahantas.

But now all of a sudden seeing it everywhere like this DailyCandy and all the Cochella recaps.

Ugh. I should always trust my instincts. Not worry what other people might think. If I like it and I work it, 8 times out of 10, it will be FIERCE!

Spent entirely too much time in the water today. Got pruny. And DARK. It's just the only place I didn't feel the mosquito pain.

When I finally got out I donned the Forever 21 floppy hat I recently bought. Loving the old lady fabulousness of it all. Very Old Hollywood on vacay.

Loved my evening look. Yes, yet another Forever 21 color block dress. Leave me alone, I love them. And I live in California. And it's the exact copy of a Donna Karan dress from 2007. And I know her dress wasn't $20 so I'm stoked.

Really appreciating that it's almost cute enough to draw attention from my leper like legs. F!!!

Oh and ADORE that Danny B. called it my Lakers dress. Perfect since his daddy worked for the Lakes for most of his career.

Once again, I AM GOOD.


tam pham said...

I share your pain with mosquito bites. My mommy and I attract mosquitoes like crazy. A vietnamese friend once told me about this A-MAZING mosquito repellent called Soffel that he got in when I went last summer, I went into 3 drugstores and bought out all they had...22 bottles in total! I had buy another bag just to take it back home!

okay, I'm so weirded out by your iguana references in this post because just last night, bf and I spotted 2 iguanas outside on our porch...we named them Lizzie and Leroy. They're gone now, but we'll always remember.

P.S. Loved both dresses! I'm going to have to see if F21 has one like it at this moment. I love color blocked dresses!

tam pham said...

oh yeah i forgot...i've been loving on these feather headbands at barney's...might be up your alley...

Jean Bean said...

I never knew that about you and skeeters because we've never been to the wilderness together but ME TOO!!!! I never travel without bug spray because bites make me miserable for days. The welts stay for weeks. I recently read that vanilla keeps them away but I'm afraid to put down the deet.

weezermonkey said...

Love the flower in the hair. My friend venn does that, too. So cute, both of you.

MissJordyPants said...

ohh how lovely and sunkissed you look! Wish I could tan. My Irish skin turns red, then white. boo.

fancypants said...

Oooohhhh, another bug magnet. When I get bitten, I get a welt, then a gnarly blister, and then the blister pops and it oozes grossness all over me. I hate bugs. But I love you, so its a draw!

Victoria said...

look so amazing! love the stories (sorry about the bites) and those sunsets are the most beautiful i've seen!

Lynn Tran said...

Mosquito magnets unite! Two years ago in Maui, I got 61 (that's not a typo) mosquito bites on my legs. Of course, they all turned into giant welts the size of a tennis ball, especially the ones that were clumped together. I felt like a sea monster.

WendyB said...

Insanely beautiful sunset pix!

KFR said...

Love the Mr. D. has to camp out in the shade + apply volumes of sunscreen. It's so me on vacation.

Like you, JSR tans in about 8 minutes. And I hate you both for it.

But me and Mr. D. will age better ... tee hee hee!

R said...

I am jealz of your summer-like vacay.


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