Friday, April 25, 2008

The Scene
Awake to a white boy ritual I still find hilarious. I've dated Mr. Diabolina for 9 years and for 5 of those he lived with Danny B. So I have witnessed this dynamic duo in these exact poistions many a time.

Their meticulous application of sunscreen is truly an art. They even manage to force me to slap some on too. Boo. Don't they see I need some color? Gone are my golden baby days if they have anything to say about it - wah!

Head out to do the canopy zip tour. Look at my three pretty babies pretending not to be anxious. We are all first timers.

We board a big open tank of a vehicle which takes us 40 minutes outside the city. Pass some gorgeous seaside scenery as we make our way to the jungle.

When we get to the tour site, we crack up at all the Predator references. Never imagined people would be super proud of this film. Ever. Anywhere!

After a SHORT training session by guys who remind me of the Jackass boyz, we are unleashed on 12 zip lines. EEEKS!

I immediately become a pet of the Jackass boys because I am shaking and cracking jokes in Spanish about pooping my pants and prove to be the worst at breaking. Diabolina the not-sporty-monkey strikes again!

The delicious Daisy Duke's becomes a fave too but for better reasons: she is tall, hot and very Lara Croft in her gear. YUM :)

Me, I look more like I'm ready for the Special Olympics in my helmet. BOOOO!

Really amazing experience that I highly recommend. At times terrifying but truly exhilarating. Felt like a bird soaring over the tree tops. The views where insane.

Plus, it further cemented the rapport between the four of us. Nothing like doing something for the first time together. Yay for vacation besties!!

After an hour of death-defying antics and serious mountain climbing, we are parched and booze it up.

And then Danny B. almost breaks a hip sliding off some gringo death trap. Ugh. He is the ultimate scramble-sporty-spice monkey. He regularly takes Mr. Diabolina shark fishing and lobster diving. I pretend to be nonplussed by his antics but secretly I wish I was as fearless as he is ;)

The tour ends with a tequila tasting in the middle of nowhere. FINALLY a dangerous activity with my name written all over it. I do all my shots and most of Daisy Duke's and Danny B's because suddenly they are tee-totalers. Love that they automatically know the brown girl can handle her tequila.

We try apricot and almond and chocolate and moonshine tequilas. Delish. Mr. Diabolina tries to hang too but can't ;)

We are too funny.

Play in the pool when we get back which requires ANOTHER sunscreen application.

Adorable baby style.

Then it's time for our fanciest feast of the trip. Each night we get to request something delicioso for dinner.

Tonight Danny B. suggested lobster and shrimp. It was taste overload. We inhaled every last morsel.

Instead of chit chat all night, we break into the closet o' board games for the first time. I choose Scrabble thinking my English major skillz are going to dominate. Instead I suck. I suck balls. Gems like "it" and "hues" are mine. Blech!

Danny B ultimately wins the game and my undying love for being good at sporty and verbal reindeer games.

Best day of the trip!

The Outfit

Banana Republic striped tunic
Puerto Vallarta sweat pants

The Accessories
Hello Kitty Purse
Yellow heart earrings
Plastic black and white sunnies
Stella McCartney for Adidas trainers

The Grade

The Commentary

Decided that if today I died zip-lining I wanted to be in my signature colors - black and white. I wanted them to tell my mom, "Yes, she is the only person we've ever lost but damn, she looked like Coco Chanel plunging into the jungle."

I think Mr. Diabolina had a similar thought. He wore his ABSOLUTE FAVORITE t-shirt. It's one my mom brought him back from Guatemala. It's emblazoned with the Guatemalan beer Gallo. I. LOVE. HIM.

Brought two pairs of good sunglasses - black Guccis and brown Chanels - to Mexico. Decided I should protect my peepers in style. They were my only designer accoutrements the whole trip.

But today I decided to wear these cheapy ones in case I accidentally dropped them while soaring like a birdie. Bought them in the fashion district for $10 a few years ago. Love how they look like something Posh or Katie would don. Very Jackie O too.

It NEVER occurred to me to bring pants to Mexico. And I didn't quite understand what the harness would look like so I figured my jean Marc by Marc Jacobs skirt would do. What a tard. So I had to buy this pair of sweats yesterday. $10.

When I was about to do my first line, one of the tour guides asked me who had put on my harness. I panicked and narced out the guy thinking he had done something wrong.

The tour guide just laughed and said he must be gay because he put it on all fashionable for me, like a corset. HAHAHAHAH! I swear I can't escape fashion even when I try.

For dinner I changed into a new Forever 21 color block jersey dress. Heavenly for just $19.

The neckline is a bit skimpy for me but I am in love with the color combos on this one. Looks so great with my (increasingly) tan skin.

I even had the PERFECT flip flops to match.
I'm good.

p.s. I'm also naughty. Have been playing with Polyvore while Mr. D is at work. SSSSSHHHHH!

But JUST LOOK at my crazy for color blocking collages - SO CUTE!!!


MissMissy said...

What a fun day!!! I would have been way to scared - miss missy is deathly afraid of heights. So cute that your helmet is matching your earrings!!! Way to rock the zip line gear!

Anonymous said...

Isn't this zipline fantastic! It is a total experience. Scary yet exhilerating all at the same time. We did it while in Argentina. Love how you looked fabulous through it all.

Jean Bean said...

I have a photo of myself just like the one of Frankle on the sidewalk, except I'm on the sidewalk in front of Moet & Chandon in Epernay! Sigh, what narcs.

Unknown said...

you make an excellent sidekick to Lara Croft :)

Kate said...

Ha, I have a pasty white boy of my own. The sun screen apps are hilarious. And kind of annoying cause he makes me help.

Love the Polyvore bits, I was wondering when you'd start getting into those.

And thanks for the advice you left on my page. Buy dress, smaller size. I think I can get on board with that.

And finally, glad you got the priceless art piece I sent. You said you were into purple....

weezermonkey said...

[crying at "Special Olympics"]

amber said...

we went ziplining on maui last summer. aside from almost dying when the van transporting us to the top almost fell off the cliff, it was a lot of fun! ;)

i'm also dying how cute you all looked. we were so schlumpy on our tour. granted, we had the red dirt to contend with, but still.

tam pham said...

oh my god...i read your most recent blog entry first and commented about how much i love color blocked dresses...lo and be hold, i get to THIS blog entry and YOU discuss YOUR color block love!!! please move to dallas and be my new bff/twin!

Blue Bird said...

I heart your writing. You're a funny and talented mofo. Would cuddle you if I lived closer.

This, in particular, is brilliant:

Decided that if today I died zip-lining I wanted to be in my signature colors - black and white. I wanted them to tell my mom, "Yes, she is the only person we've ever lost but damn, she looked like Coco Chanel plunging into the jungle."

F. You're delightful.

MissJordyPants said...

LOVE the color blocking you're rocking. So fantastic.

Lynn Tran said...

So proud of your ziplining adventures and dang, that lobster & shrimp meal looked decadent.

R said...

Wow, you are adventurous and aware of fashion. The cheapie glasses were a smart move.

P.S. How old is Daisy Dukes? She looks extremely young.

10yearstogether said...

I love skimming your blog. I normally lurk but had to comment this time bc your sense of style totally slays me! If only I could bring myself to expand my wardrobe to something cuter than black, grey, and brown. *Sigh* Rock on fashionista sista!


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