Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Scene
Mommy day. She is wearing her new green button down too.


Mr. Diabolina joins us for breakfast. They are filthy cute together, find each other endlessly entertaining and love ganging up on me. Lucky me ;)

Then my mom and I do a little shopping. We hit Target to peruse the Jovavich Hawk debut. It's already a bit picked over (who are the vultures who get there before me???) I end up getting a great polka dot dress that will be purrfect for a very important date I have Wednesday night with Sable Crow. My mama gets a cute little color block hoodie.

Fell in love at first sight with with these JH for Target shorts. Cursing old age and gravity. I decided last year upon turning 30 that my short wearing days were behind me because my BEE-hind is not what it used to be. BOO!

Actually, not sure I could ever wear shorts this short! Ugh but look at the deliriously adorable details - the buttons, the lining, the trim, the scalloping. They slay me!!!

Overall this line is underwhelming. The first Go International line by Luella remains my favorite. All the rest, have been less than inspired.

We then head over to the Westside Pavillion for a chick flick (Penelope), a late lunch and a little browsing at Nordie's.

We ooh and aah over all things Marc. I almost got one of his black patent clutches but taking some time to think. Peep some delish Akris stuff. Also get reacquainted with Catherine Malandrino. She does some great feminine touches. Should get more into her stuff...

Hit the gym after I drop my mom off. End the night watching The Girls Next Door and Fatherhood with Mr. Diabolina.

A bad case of the Monday Monsters is the only thing that keeps the day from being perfect. Hoping for a good week...

The Outfit

Old Navy army green dress

The Accessories

3 safari bangles
Louis Vuitton Speedy
Marc Jacobs sandals

The Grade

The Commentary
The sun came out of hiding today and so did my gams. Flashing ALOT of leg today. Alot of Casper-the-Friendly-Ghost-whiteness too. Not hot.

Fascinated by how this dress is form fitting and feminine yet the color and structure give it a masculine edge. That strong softness made me feel very "sex on a stick" all day. Think the picture perfect hair also helped.

These delish little MJ shoes I scored for under $90 at my resale heaven in Pasadena. I really like a nude shoe. It helps a girl out quite a bit by elongating the leg.

The mix-and-match bangles made me smile all day. Such a simple way to tie together the shoes and purse and feel of the dress.

Am seriously digging this whole spring safari trend. Love that I can put together alot of existing pieces to create something fresh and very now. Feel like today was a great, low cost approximation of what WhoWhatWearDaily highlighted on Friday.

p.s. Hearting this Nordstrom window. Love the reminder that inspiration is everywhere.

Feel very inspired lately. Think it's because I am feeling so open, so observant, so present. Good things are coming my way. I can feel it...


weezermonkey said...

I need some good new nude shoes. Thank you for reminding me.

Jean Bean said...

I bought the JH denim mini.

Jean Bean said...

Oh and I got myself over to Old Navy. Really dug the jewelry! But I only bought a yellow and white, tropical print, drapey disco top. I heart yellow too. And whoever says yellows can't wear yellow is a damn fool.

Michelle said...

Thanks for the tip on the JH line at Target. I was in a store Sat evening & it was out but I didn't have time to look. I went back the next day & bought this in black:

I'm up in the air about keeping it. Any ideas on how to make it look chic instead of "Hi I'm 5 yrs old?"

Also, what do you think about the Vera Wang line at Kohls??

MissJordyPants said...

Love the dress like no one's business. Me thinks I'll be heading to Old Navy this weekend!

Da Fashionista said...

kiss you, monkey and yellow jean bean.

kiss you. ur so cute. I have that EXACT problem with alot of the Go International stuff. It feels very young. Even the Luella stuff that I loved I didn't get cuz I am no longer a 15 year old lolita.

I saw it in the creme, trying to picture it in the black. I think you have two options: vamp it up or play into the sweetness of it. For vamp: ur hottest heels, maybe a patent leather, maybe a red heel, maybe a leopard print. sexy adult makeup, done hair, smaller purse. For sweetness: cute flats, mussed hair, light makeup, big bag.

lately when i'm shoppin, i keep asking myself, "do i really LOVE this?" like "will i be devastated and haunted by not purchasing this?" if my answer is even tentative, i walk away.

good luck, mami!

Da Fashionista said...

oh and michelle, i like the vera wang stuff in the ads. love the styling of the ones with the wide angle lens last season. haven't seen any of it in person. don't even know where there is a kohl's near me ;)

R said...

I like your mom's shirt. Cute fo' sho'.


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