Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Scene
This am we hit the Flower Mart downtown and get some little pretty dirty things for the house. (Oh and we stopped at Philippe's for breakfast.)

Mr. Diabolina has a seriously green thumb. Which is a good thing because I seem to have an iron fist that kills all living things. Wah!

So springy all the pretty colors in my house now. See the Hello Kitty toaster peeking out? MChu and her Rocket Man got it for me for x-mas. ADORE!

The kitchen is my Hello Kitty paradise. Got the little wall fixture in Japan. And the BROWN Kitty at Urban Outfitters.

See the bougenvillas behind our new orchid? They are Mr. D's babies. I can't wait to have a house so a) we can have a puppy and b) the mister can have a garden. In the meantime, our condo is pretty phat...

In the afternoon, I run some errands, send some emails and run 4 miles. 39:02. Pretty good time but end up purplish blue in the face. Not cute.

See two famous people at the gym: Marla Maples (super skinny and well preserved) and Peach's friend Mr. B (super hot like fire.)

In the evening we have a much anticipated dinner with Weezermonkey and her Mr. Monkey. I have major friend crushes on them so I was pretty nervous and shy.

WeeMo and I had been dying to try Blue Velvet. The setting was gorg, the food delish but the company was what made it for me.

Weezermonkey and Mr. Diabolina used to work together but whatevs I've appropriated her as MY friend. (Can you tell I'm an only child and not so good at sharing???) For the last few months, we've been falling for each other online. She has been teaching me about all things blogging and getting me in with a sweet group of her online girls. YAY!

Mr. Diabolina HAD to be a jealous brat and break it down while we were getting ready: "Just remember you are HER fan and just skimming off HER blog traffic!" Ugh, hate it when he's right. I can only dare to dream of a religious following like hers.

Double ugh for what a big blogger nerd I've turned into ;)

The misters are very similar: sweet, smart, funny GOOD men. I am a Mr. Monkey stalker, loud and proud.

Hearts aflutter for what I hope is the beginning of many fun adventures together. [postscript: Here's her sweetness account of the night. YAY!]

The Outfit
Black leggings
Forever 21 indigo tunic with pockets ;)
Banana Republic short sleeve gray drape sweater

The Accessories
Cole Haan sling back patent black flats
Forever 21 bejeweled headband
Marc Jacobs Sophia black bag
Forever 21 safari bangle
Faux Chanel studs

The Grade

B for day outfit/
A+ for evening outfit

The Commentary

My day outfit is a go-to. So comfortable but still sassy.

Love the color of that top. It's so inspiring to me. Was so "in" a few seasons ago. Pairs really well with a wide range of other colors. Love the flexibility.

The shoes were purchased after a long search for the perfect black flat. I am still on the hunt but this one will do for now.

Ironically they are very similar in style to the Tory Burch flat slingbacks WeeMo was rocking in the evening. Loved them. She also had on her new adorable white coat and her Marc Jacobs orange tote. I could just eat her up in all her tiny cuteness.

Growing up with a tiny mother who I was taller than by the age of 10, I've always bemoaned not being petite. I think tiny ladies can work feminine looks in a totally different way than big horses like me. Boo.

Got my DVF dress resale at The Address in Santa Monica. $85. Savings? In the hundreds.

Simply love the swirl of colors. Very on trend this season with the whole "artistry" look. Think it was from the spring collection Jean and I attended.

It's a bit snug at the neckline but love the blousy, bubble shape. Mr. Diabolina was a big fan last night, pawing at me. YAY! So happy when he gets it and approves.

Did an excellente job with the accessories. A super hot dress got even HOTTER when paired with the fuchsia wrap sweater and Louis Vuitton earrings and MeRo necklace and fashion district bangles and of course my Chanel. This is the height of my sass!

This was truly one of my best efforts this year.
Only the best for the best :)

p.s. Yesterday, Peach called to let me know he is going to be on Broadway for a week.


So thrilled for him. This is the culmination of a lifelong dream.

Proof positive that dreams do come true...


weezermonkey said...

Totally A+! The outfit and the company! I am thrilled that the Misters get along, too. Please start thinking of a good country club dinner outfit. :)

amber said...

you two are the cutest! :)

dapotato said...

too much cuteness in this post.

lurker driven here thru the monkey's blog.

Lynn Tran said...

A+ indeed.

Lynn Tran said...

Oh forgot to add, though I was driven to your blog through WeezerMonkey, you can count me as one of "your" loyal blog stalkers ;).

styleminded said...

catching up, catching up! omg love that DVF, and what an amazing price. you are a queen!

Da Fashionista said...

yay, dapotato!!!!

i am all dvf, all the time lately. can't get enough of her stuff resale since her stuff this season was disappointing/underwhleming.


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