Friday, March 7, 2008

The Scene
Wake up to find Mr. Diabolina has stealthily brought these FIVE boxes of Girls Scout cookies into my home. Ugh. Clearly he is determined to keep my rump plump.

Work out in the morning in this Diesel tee. Got it in college at one of the Shrine sales Jean Bean and I loved so. Take it as a good sign that it still fits how it used to - snugly ;)

Have a delectable lunch at King Taco with my crew. I know, I know. Not good for the dieta. But oh so good for the soul!

Styleminded was wearing these fab Marc Jacobs flats that made me want to gobble her up.

Mr. Honorary Hot Chick did the cutest thing when I complimented him on his watch. His face lit up and he lifted his shirt a little to reveal his belt and proudly declared "I'm matching!"

He reads my blog so I know he was trying to speak my language. Very sweet. He's a sassy dresser. Me loves.

For dinner, we finally nabbed some time with the newly engaged Fancypants and Mr. Roboto. Sable Crow came too.

Sable Crow wore Gucci. As did Mr. Diabolina.

Fancypants wore Target Go International with her Balenciaga. That's a Paul & Joe for Tarjay leather jacket and her new Jovovich Hawk dress.

Mira her booties. Dolce Vita. Sexy designs for reasonable prices. Styleminded is also a fan.

We went to the redone Bar Marmont and had a FEAST. Delicious little plates that we all shared pig family style. Just look at these popovers!

And also martinis. Lots of martinis.

This blog was a big topic of conversation all night.

Mr. Roboto is a dedicated lurker here. So when Sable Crow started to tell him about Dr. McDreamiest, he stopped him with "I read the blog." Very cute.

Later he also noted (in a hushed, reverent tone) that my comment count is increasing. Heart him.

Makes me super pleased that this funny little diary is something that cool, hot, smart boys dig too. YAY!

The Outfit
Forever 21 "tuxedo t-shirt"
Behanz Sarafpour for Target jacket
Blue Cult jeans

The Accessories
Marc Jacobs Mary Janes
Chanel black tote
Chanel black and white earrings
Forever 21 black and cream bangle

The Grade

The Commentary
Who doesn't love a tuxedo t-shirt, right? It screams "I'm fancy but I like to party!" HAHAHA!

Today I did a move that Peaches taught me. I said something uppity and adjusted the bow tie with both hands. Hilarious.

Seriously tho this top makes me giddy with the subtle polka dot bow, puffy sleeves and buttons down the back. It's Phillip Lim-y. Palette also makes it Chanel-y.

Think it works nicely with the jacket which has a fancy evening sheen to it. Very tuxedo too.

I would love to don a beautiful tuxedo someday. Remember the Gucci one Gwyneth rocked many moons ago?

Also really digging this Marc Jacobs men's wear inspired look. Needs it.

Adoring that Fancypants and I matched in cream and black, high and low.

Can't wait to see what she puts together for her engagement party in a couple of weeks...

Happy happy spring forward weekend. Hope it's full of friends and fun and food and fashion.


weezermonkey said...

I've given up on catching up. I've decided to blog when I want about whatever I want!

Da Fashionista said...

good for you.

i want to blog every day for a year. it's about discipline and documenting for me. i want to look back and feel a sense of accomplishment about the year I was 30 :)


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