Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Scene
Clean up the house in the morning.

You know it's a good party when you find frosting in unbelievable places the next day. Oy vey.

Have brunch with my mom and Mr. Diabolina before heading out to Fancypants and Mr. Roboto's engagement party out in Laguna.

Sable Crow is invited too as are Rocket Man and MChu.

So cute that we have all become such interconnected buddies in the last year.

The party is wonderfully fancy with lots of Chanel and Balenciaga and Christian Louboutain and Dolce and Gabana. My kind of crowd.

Fancypants looked pretty in purple. Alberta Ferretti. Such a striking dress with deliciously feminine detailing.

V. excited about the Alberta Ferretti store opening on Melrose. Won't be able to afford any of it but it will be nice to press my nose to the glass like a homeless person.

Sable Crow was also a stunner in a dandy Penguin for Barney's suit. Just take in that lining and the stiching and the gorg shirt and the pocket square.

He also wore white shoes though he consulted with me first. Called and said he was having a gay emergency trying to decide if it was too early to bust out the white shoes. So funny. In the end we both figured the old rules are out the door especially when you are partying near the beach.

Have I mentioned how much I heart MChu and Rocket Man? They are one of the cutest couples I have ever met.

Por ejemplo, last night, for Mr. Diabolina's birfday they made a snowglobe with their picture on one side and ours on the other.

Such sweet kids.

Mr. Diabolina cleaned up nice after a night of sacrificing his natural beauty for the hilarity of a truly inspired costume. Love his custom made shirt. He and Sable Crow get their shirts made by a tailor in Hong Kong. Doesn't he look like like an Easter egg in this one???

The leather jacket is impeccable. Purchased at Saks and the shoes are Gucci.

BTW, Mr. Diabolina wore plaids stained with paint when I first met him. Don't be fooled thinking he came out of the box this stylin'.

The Outfit
Marc Jacobs cherry print halter dress
Vintage Parisian trench coat

The Accessories
Louis Vuitton earrings
Forever 21 bangle
Banks&Biddle gold and diamond bangle
Alice Roi clutch
Via Spiga gold sandals

The Grade

The Commentary

This is one of my all time favorite dresses. Another polka dot print of sorts.Love wearing it to bridal showers and wedding rehersal dinners and now engagement parties. Something about it just screams "love and romance" to me. Maybe because it's so springy. It reminds me of beautiful things blossoming.

Normally pair it with silver accents. My silver clutch and silver flat sandals and Tiffany heart earrings to be exact. But today decided to switch it up and go for the gold :)

I actually gots a funny story about this dress. Kelly Ripa has it too. I realized this after I bought it and was miffed.

We seem to have the same taste. You see a few months before I bought this dress I was at a party with her. A friend works with her and we ended up at the same house party in LA.

At one point in the night, she paused her conversation and stopped me when I was about to leave the room. She thought I had grabbed her bag. In fact we both had nearly identical silver sequin clutches that night. It was funny but a little embarassing like she thought I had stolen her bag. Humph. I know I'm brown but...

We also both have a tank top that says "Save the drama for your mama" in Spanish. But I am pretty sure she looks cuter in it than me even though she has had THREE kids. UGH. I covet her adorable tininess, year-round tan and flawless hair.

Anywayzz, loving that I kinda matched Fancypants tonight. It was such a lovely party. I am very excited for their wedding. It is going to be a stunningly first class rager. Always a good combination.

Congrats to the happy couple!

p.s. I am not so sure about these bangs. Think they make me look 12. Not in a good way. More of a nerd way.

Will have to be careful about what I wear so as not to look too juvenile. Have to vavavoom up my looks.

MChu told me a hilarious story about last year when she got bangs. Rocket Man would always interject into conversations, "MChu just got bangs" so as to explain why she might be acting a bit awkward. So funny those two.


Mr. Monkey said...

Hi! Mr. Monkey here. If you see that someone has been reading your blog from Downtown during work hours, that would be me!!!!

Artsy Fartsy said...

Sigh. I just love that dress. Reading your blog makes saving for a house SO depressing.

Lynn Tran said...

Gorgeous outfits all around. I'm digging the bangs as it is sweetly adolescent, but can "dressed up" with your sophisticated looks.

Ann Marie said...

I like the bangs; they look long enough to work into a lot of different styles.

weezermonkey said...

Ahh! Rocket Man = Donkey Kong, right? Love that guy! :)

Best wishes to Fancypants and Mr. Roboto!

fancypants said...

Sad about my Ashy Larry elbow, but whatever. Love you!!! We had such a good time at the party. I'm glad Candy made me buy that dress. I am a cheapy, but it is worth it. If you ever get married to Mr. D, I am wearing it to your wedding.

amber said...

super cute dress! no wonder it's in heavy rotation for special events. :) and really, i think you are much cuter in it than ms. ripa. just sayin'....


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