Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Scene
Have I mentioned my best friend Peach is coming in from NYC in T-minus two days??? Can hardly contain my excitement.

Haven't seen him since December when he took me to his holiday party in Chicago. That's him clutching a yummy drink and me clutching his even yummier co-worker.

Two weeks ago, Peach left his job - a job that looked like a dream on paper but that he'd outgrown. He realized he didn't need to compromise. Not anymore.

Am proud of him. Need his influence around me right now. His confidence and joie de vivre are always so infectious. YAY for besties!

The Outfit
Banana Republic beige turtleneck
Tweed miniskirt
Vintage cerulean trenchcoat

The Accessories

Louis Vuitton Speedy
BCBG flat chocolate boots
Goody headband
Me&Ro earrings
Banks&Biddle gold bangle

The Grade

The Commentary
Muggy out this morning. Wah. Weather freak out commences upon waking.

Try on two outfits that just don't work at all so reassessed my approach. Decided to go through all of my strictly winter clothes since I won't be able to wear them much longer. My eye instantly falls on a handful of tweedy, heavy skirts. Perfect.

I heart this miniskirt. Heart its little front pocket flaps. It reminds me of my high school uniform skirt but in a good way. I found it at a thrift store for like $10. No label but it is a very good weight and has a pristine lining. Think it might be J Crew.

For the last year or so, have felt too large for the last lingering short skirts in my closet. But today I decide to give it a whirl. Figured my flat boots might make all the difference.

The turtleneck choice came next, then the trench, then the earrings then the bag then the headband (no time to do my hair today - whoops!)

Love how it all works together in a fresh but professional way. Kinda look like a 60s mod girl from England. Kinda loving that.

Last Saturday Night: Party Pics Postscript

Here are a couple of shots of The Dress - only slightly better. Sorry a shot of me was not my priority that night ;)

Here's The Dress working the photo lounge

The Dress from behind chatting it up with The Beav and Kate

and from the side, big pimping with Mr. T. on the dancefloor.

Read Kate of All Trades' very cute post about her yummy party outfit.


weezermonkey said...

My neck is too fat for turtlenecks. Ditto my calves for boots. This makes me sad.

Da Fashionista said...

no sad monkey face, please. i just can't take it when you stick your lip out ;)

i hear you. the exercising has helped. i loves to eat too much. can't quit that. and am no kind of sporty spice but i've been getting into the gym somehow.

think it's been really good for my moods too. plus it's just been giving me a sense of accomplishment that i usually look for at work. makes me feel like I am taking care of myself, carving out just me time. i think that's important for rockstar women to do :)


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