Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Scene
Party hangover day.

We head to Kate and Mr. T's for brunch and an epic event two years in the making: meeting their beautiful little boy. So excited that we end up stealing a red balloon for him from a car dealership on the way over!

Their home is darling - built at the turn of the century. Super duper cute. And their baby ends up being even more delicious!

I ADORE children - especially smart, well-behaved ones in adorable shoes. Added cuteness factor: W. was unusually fascinated by my sparkly bangle, earrings and rings. The kid clearly has a good eye.

About 10 of us hang out and just shoot the shit all day. Proof that anything can be fun with the right people.

Mr. Diabolina and I end the day with the most delectable five course dinner at Alberta Street Oyster Bar before heading out to the airport. Perfect end to a deliriously fun but relaxing weekend.

The Outift
Mossimo skinny dark jeans
Cream v-neck sweater
Vintage camel coat

The Accessories
Ugg boots
Fuchsia knit scarf
Louis Vuitton Speedy
Faux Chanel white earrings
Damier inspired sparkly bangle

The Grade

The Commentary
Ugh. My outfit was such a dud today. The scarf color I do love with the camel. But that's about it.

Also adored J's gray scarf and green t-shirt color combo. And of course his MJ sunnies. He and his B. looked so hot and were so hilarious today I couldn't stand it. Need more of them in my life.

I really should have sassed up what I packed for the weekend. Maybe it was because I was in a rush. Maybe the anticipation of cold weather threw me off.

Think ultimately I had quite a bit of performance anxiety since Kate is a fellow fashionista and blogger and I haven't seen her in so long. Was hoping I could live up to all my own hype ;)

Think I just ended up freaking out and opting to not look like I was trying too hard.

I relaxed quite a bit when I got to her house and she was wearing a Forever 21 tomato-colored bubble tunic that I own too. I guess great minds do shop alike...


Da Fashionista said...

this post is sad and lonely without your comments. boo!

write me!

Kate said...

Why didn't I comment on this before? I remember reading it. That was a great day. I just remember sitting in my living room feeling impressed by my friends. I was like, these people are so outstanding, and they like me. Crazy. :) Hope you'll come to P-town again soon. It's a great city for piggies.


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