Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Scene
My Saturdays in 2008 have been amazing. Today I once again got to play with some of my all time favorites.

My day started by the beach with 3 former coworkers. We did a delish brunchy with spicy bloody marys and witty banter on the side. Whenever we get together, it's like no time has passed.

Adore that four years later we can cackle at all the office politics that used to drive us mad. It's a great reminder to get over myself...that what seems so hard right now will soon be a distant memory...that tough times create these wonderful bonds that last much longer than the pain ever could.

In the afternoon, Mr. Diabolina and I headed to Newport to do some yachting. Ok, not yachting exactly, more like Duffy-motor-boating. If you've never done it, you NEED to run not walk. It was AAAamazing.

You rent this little motor boat for like 15 bucks a person, fill it with booze and up to 12 of your cutest friends and then cruise around the beautiful harbor. It's breathtaking at sunset.

The lovely MChu (working a jaunty scarf - YUM!) did an outstanding job organizing. From the cheese platter to the fun wine selection to the ghetto fab tunes, we all had a blast hanging with her college bestie who was visiting from NYC.

The shenanigans continued at The Rusty Pelican and The Shamrock into the evening.

Btw, loads of funny outfits on the cougars out prowling. We're talking brocade jackets and backless tops. The OC fascinates me. It's always quite the people watching adventure.

Mr. Diabolina and I bailed at 10:30. The sea always takes it out of us. Plus we were about 5 years older than everyone else. Getting old is quite the bitch :)

After a tough week, today was perfection. I am one blessed fashionista.

The Outfit #1
Forever 21 white rosette tunic
Black leggings
Vintage cerulean trench

The Accents #1
Chanel black tote
Me&Ro gold and turqouis hoops
Steve Madden slouchy boots
Banks & Biddle gold bangle

The Outfit #2
Beige Wrap Sweater
Citizens of Humanity jeans
Marc by Marc Jacobs tank

The Accents #2
Marc by Marc Jacobs denim logo tote
Faux Chanel white earrings
London Sole beige flats

The Grade

The Commentary
So the weather was gorgeous today and everything I have been praying for fashion-wise. So what did I do? Completely freak out that's what.

I think I couldn't BELIEVE it was so warm and skewed my initial outfit wintery. The delish rosette top is sleeveless but the boots and coat were suffocating me. Was dying of heat stroke by the time I got home from brunching.

I only had an hour to shower, slap on some self tanner and do my hair (curly UGH!) so the resulting outfit was blah. I should have just paired the black outfit with some white flats and a pop-y sweater. But instead decided to go nautical with the white/red/blue combo. Felt jeans were the better bet for boating since I wasn't sure how gritty the boat might be.

All the beautiful chicas rolled more chic than sporty in layers, boots and dark denim so my outfit felt very uninspired. Plus MChu's girls are all volleyball glamazons, making my 5'7'' self feel unusually dimminutive in my Delman ballet flats.

This top was one of my first MJ purchases. I adore it. It's Laura Ingalls-hot. Such yummy detail. I, ahem, fill it out quite differently than I used to but that's why I am hitting the gym again. Sigh.

Debated buying this logo purse for a few months but ultimately am very glad I did. It's a great way to dress down an outfit but still feel designer chi-chi. MJ's always got my back!


fancypants said... that scotchy-scotch I see in your hand????

Da Fashionista said...

wine, mama. it's wine. i think i would have been better at gauging cut-off time if it was scotchy :(

Michelle said...

Love the MJ tank and all the details - love the details.

Question: where do you get your wrap sweaters? They look so versitile!

Da Fashionista said...

my mom and i have gotten them at a store called image. They hae one at the Beverly Center and the Westside Pavillion. Depending on their weight they were between $32 and $37.

Just saw Forever was starting to carry some. And they are all over the fashion district downtown too.

the higher end one that inspired me was BCBG on Katie Holmes - such a great color combo:


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