Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Scene
More learning today. Going to try to apply some of this SEO knowledge to help this blog rank highly on Google and make me richie rich. Or at least snag me a job at Forever! :)

The Outfit
Forever 21 butterfly sleeve leopard top
Theory gray slacks
Vintage black wool coat

The Accessories
Gray pashmina
Gray tights
Dior black spike heels
Marc Jacobs black Sophia shoulder bag
Lucite bangles

The Grade


The Commentary
Was going to wear the top, tights and shoes with a gray mini skirt but it felt over the top. Realized that it would make the Web geeks' heads explode. I forgot for a second that I am not Carrie and there is no Sex in the Simi Valley. Wah.

So opted for the slacks. The palette ended up TOO gray, me thinks. Boo. Felt a bit washed out. Maybe a light colored trench would have helped? Not sure. This weather has beaten me... officially. I feel like half the fashionista I normally am.

Do LOVE this top. I bought it for my delicious trip last October to visit my Jean Bean in NYC. She was surprised that I got it at Forever 21. The drape and subtle animal pattern definitely make it look expensive-ish. And the material is heavenly. Super soft. Like a fine gauge.

Just visited the Forever 21 site to see if there's anything like it right now.

This top has a similar shape but the pattern isn't as dreamy and not sure about the tie situation.

I keep spying this sweater every time I go into a store. The print looks chic and clean. Animal prints are notoriously tough to get just right. They can look cheap (read: inexpensive and/or tawdry) even when they are high end designer. Dolce&Gabana do the best leopard in my opinion.

Don't NEED this sweater so have refrained. But am now thinking it could look really fab layered with some bold jewel tones, black jeans and my Chanel. Hmmm, maybe I should get it...

Oh and I found my pleated collar, cream/beige top that you all loved for sale online. Mine didn't have that bow pinned on but I think it can be removed if it's too much for you. I kinda dig it.

Get it, get it, get it NOW!!!

p.s. I wore my pointy-toed Diors today in honor of M.'s flashy D glasses. Not used to wearing tights with heels and pants. Kinda weird but kinda cool too. Ala Wicked's Elphaba aka The Wicked Witch of the West. Phabulous!

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fancypants said...

Grey is amazing layered on more grey. You just need to get used to it! This is the color palette I've been rockin' the last 6 weeks or so...I probabkly need to break out some gold leggings or something.

Jean Bean said...

I second that. You cannot have too much gray as long as the textures are varied. This is my men's wear side talking, but tone-on-tone is MAJOR. Also, I want to know how it is that you seem to have a different MJ bag for every day you've been blogging!

Unknown said...

You shoulda rocked those blue tights that you wore the other day. Those were so rad.

Cee said...

oh thanks for the link. I went to a couple of stores and they didn't have it. boo.

What size should i get? I looks like it runs big.

Kate said...

Don't be stingy with the SEO tips girl. Also, good call on the pants over the mini, those nerds would have lost their damn minds.

KFR said...

Lovin' the straight hair. Love the shopping links too. Like lilcee, am wondering how size runs on white/gray top? Credit card at the ready but pondering M or L.

Gray is harder than other colors to pull off -- really needs great accents (and "done" hair and make up) to pull off ... can really age. Gray & brown/tan is a great combo (with a shot of color too perhaps) and can be less dull than gray on black.

(Am spending week in TX but your blog keeping me in tune w/L.A. Just returned from dinner -- saw one entire table in college hooded sweatshirts (the ladies were not college-aged). Yikes - will not be moving here.)

Da Fashionista said...

Kiss you Fancy Pants, Jean Bean and Juana :)

Kate, HA!!!

Lilcee and KFR,

YAY!!! I bought the large. But think I could have done the medium. Feels a bit roomy but volume is still okay for spring ;)


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