Friday, January 25, 2008

The Scene
Wake up late. And a little hungover. Such a naughty kitten!

Going to the mythical Boiling Crab tonight with the EL and her W after work. It will be the first time for Mr. Diabolina and me. EL has been adamant that I don't wear anything too nice as it's going to end up covered in their signature garlic sauce smell.
Decide jersey and Burberry are the way to go for my de-virginizing.

The Outfit
Forever 21 black jersey
dress with sweetheart neckline

The Accents
Beige slouchy boots
Burberry vintage raincoat
Gucci black sunglasses
Chanel black chain tote
Black cotton scarf
Faux Chanel dangly earrings

The Grade

The Commentary
This weather has GOT to turn. Everyone is dressing bonkers. I don't own any more rain outfits. Sick of all the dowdiness. F!

After this rain-soaked week and my recent trip to snowy Chicago, am realizing how lucky I've been to cultivate my style in an environment where weather isn't so much a consideration. Angelenos have it pretty easy.

Scored these boots at It's a Wrap a few years ago. Super cheapy if you look closely. So I just try to luxe them up with Chanel and the Burberry. Also usually wear them under the cover of night.

They make me feel very 80s rock and a brown Joan Jett. Are a size too big so I wear them with
thick socks. p.s. Love that they match the color of my Marc Jacobs hobo perfectly.

The Burberry is a UCLA Thrift Store find. It is a thing of beauty. Insanely gorgeous details: the buckles and buttons and the lapels and of course the signature tartan lining. It is truly impeccable.

The previous owner's name is written in pen at the collar. Sonia Poe. Kinda "Tell-Tale heart" creepy but kinda cool.

Bibbed piggies at The Boiling Crab - ADORE! This was followed by some sweet dice drinking games and Guitar Hero. HOT!


weezermonkey said...

I have a Burberry raincoat, too! Not a vintage, not a trench, but butter yellow and still cute. :)

Unknown said...

I went to target last night to do a little sneaky sniper shopping before going to visit grant's family. i found some gorgeous chocolate brown pants that have a very pretty pleated detail on the front and a little sashy belt. those paired with a turquoise cable knit sweater and i am feeling very sassssssy today. i was thinking of your blog the whole time and saying in my head "is this so high fashion??"
so. know that your good work is being put to good use.
thanks, d.

Jean Bean said...

Let it be known, kids, that Burberry today isn't made like it was in days of yore. Iif you want a new trench made in the UK, check out Aquascutum. Me, I have a Uniqlo classic trench and a white one by Prada Sport. Someday when I'm rich I'm going to get some from Allegri.

Jean Bean said...

Oh and my creative director is always trying to goad me into wearing the Uniqlo as a dress, i.e. with nothing underneath. I haven't attempted it yet.

Cee said...

I hope you got the She-bangs flavor. So yummy.

Da Fashionista said...

i did lilcee.

i was also gas-ilicious all the next morning too. ;)


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