Friday, January 18, 2008

The Scene
Sore. Very sore.

Am a slow moving fashion-soldier today! Feel the bootcamp burn most in my rump. After careful inspection this morning, the month of exercising is starting to show primarily in my arms and legs. Tummy is resisting all the exercise and decreased imbibing. Fie!

Good thing volume is still in for yet another season. Flowy tops and dresses will help display the improved limbs and hide that stubborn pouch come spring. I am nothing if not a master illusionist with my clothes ;)

The Outfit

Forever 21 grey drapey sleeveless tunic
with mesh embellished detail at neck.
Forever 21 navy tulip long sweater
Mossimo dark skinny jeans

The Accents
Louis Vuiton Damier tote
Chloe heart aviators
Abate for Payless stripped pumps with translucent heel
Diamond studs
H&M silver bangles

The Grade

The Commentary
By fashionista standards, I resisted skinny jeans for a really, really long time. I was about a season late. Jean Bean wrote an article about the trend around the summer of '06. What I remember most was that she extolled the virtues of highlighting the skinniest part of your leg. She did however caution readers who were not supermodels to keep the heel high and the top voluminous.

Now Jean Bean is a tall, yoga sylph. And I know just because jeans are called skinny that doesn't make the wearer skinny. So I was still skeptical. I kept coming back to the fact that her logic was sound though. So while spying the latest Go International line at Tarjay I decided to try on a skinny jean just to report my findings to Jean Bean. I wanted her to know I was reading and heart her writing.

Wouldn't you know, that bitch was right! The jeans ended up looking good on me. Or at least as good as boot cut. The detail on the pocket was also hot. Very Citizens of Humanity if you were just stealing a glance. So I bought a dark pair for 30 dolla.

The jeans got such a great response from fashionistas like my buddy FancyPants that I bought another pair at Target in grey to wear on my quickly thrown together 29th b-day.

I think the skinny jean is a great example of something that was way out of my comfort zone that I took a chance on. I felt no need to invest a ton of cash on J Brand skinnies or any other premium brand. They don't look that fab on me to make that kind of serious investment.

Not every trend is right on every person but I think we have to be willing to mix it up every once and a while, to push ourselves, to say why not, to be open.

My mom actually encouraged me at about 21 to dress less conservatively, to take more chances. She said she never wanted me to look back and regret not having taken full of advantage of my youth, regret not having appreciated my beauty when it was in full bloom. I fear she maybe had done a little of both.

So I try to remember that every day. To limit the hemming and hawing and see the beauty in this moment. It's the only one we have that is guaranteed.

Kisses - happy 3 day weekend!


weezermonkey said...

Sylph! Great word. [swooning]

Skinny jeans and Monkey do not mix.

Now go check your Yahoo! mail if you haven't already!

Anonymous said...

i was just browsing by and i love love love love love LOOOOVE your site!!

love the mixture of high and low!!

Da Fashionista said...


love love LOOOVE you!

Thanks for reading and keep commenting.


amber said...

skinny jeans and i are not friends. but then again, i tend to stick to the classics instead of branching out when it comes to clothes.

they look cute on you though!

Unknown said...

skinny jeans.....i fear them. but this post has inspired me to try. wish me luck!

Da Fashionista said...


YAYAYAYAY! do it. you are teeny. they will be super flattering, very rocker. Trust your fashion doctor :)

R said...

Oh the skinny they hate my un-skinny self. You pull them off well though. Brava!


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