Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Scene
Tuesday. Blah of a day. Feeling ancy for change. And a little camera shy :)

The Outfit
Theory beige slacks
Forever 21 kelly green eyelet top
Chocolate wrap sweater
Vintage eggshell trench coat

The Accents
Manolo Blahnik chocolate d'orsay ruched pumps
Gucci hobo
Chanel brown quiltted sunglasses
Marni-inspired disk necklace
Wood brown and green circle earrings

The Grade

The Commentary
When MR. Diabolina saw me this morning, he inspected me from head to toe and proclaimed a little like Rainman, "This is an A. Definitely an A."

Silly Mr. Diablo, fashion is for hot chicks, not boy lawyers. I kissed him nonetheless for the attempt to be down with my blog. He is cute.

Loving the deep brown and green together - do you? So rich. So earthy. So universally flattering. Feel like the necklace and bag tie everything together nicely. Notice the hardware on both! Little details like that make me happy.

Yum, I feel tasty today. Like a minty chocolate confection.

BTW, these were my first Manolos. They are magic. I waited a long time to get the right pair and the wait was worth it. They are classics.

I got them for $140 resale at Clothes Heaven which should really be called Shoe Heaven. They have an entire back wall brimming with stunning designer shoes, organized by size. My mom has scored Gucci and Taryn Rose shoes that she adores. Alas she is a petite 6 1/2 while I am a corn-fed 9.

Tragedy struck a few weeks ago when I managed to warp the heel in a very strange way (it didn't snap, it curved!!! who am I????) So it took my god of a shoe repair guy a little longer to fix. I missed them terribly.

Now I just have to get the black patent leather Manolos fixed and the whole gang will be back together.


weezermonkey said...

Donde estan las fotos?! :)

KFR said...

I also wore chocolate wrap today and am quite sure it didn't look as good as this does w/the green top. Nice. Your blog inspiring me to try better each day ... my office is not exactly full of fashion "do's" so it shouldn't be too hard to wow the troops...

Pandesaldreamer said...

That is a cute outfit! I love the greentop and your Gucci hobo bag. Oh! most especially, I love your shoes! Thanks for telling us about that Clothes Haven place. I'm going to check it out! :)

R said...

I dig it. I need a chocolate brown sweater.

Anonymous said...

Cute outfit and love that Frank tries :). Hey, do you mind if I give a shout-out to your new blog in my monthly email update? I'm about to send out December (I know, so late!), and would love to highlight your blog.

Da Fashionista said...

hahahha, sure, you wakko ;)

i love being featured...anywhere!

kisses! thanks for reading!


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