Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Scene
Stayed up late last night. Thinking. Usually not a good thing but feel better today, more positive about where this year will take me professionally.

Increasingly nervous about tomorrow’s bootcamp. At least it will make for a great story, right? RIGHT????

The Outfit
Forever 21 black jeans
Old Navy black Henley with cowl neck
Nanette Lepore black and white tweed jacket with velvet trim and rosette hooks

The Accents
Tall slouchy black boots inspired by Chloe
Purple pashmina
Gucci black sunglasses
Chanel black and white art deco earrings
Chanel black quilted tote
Faux Van Cleefs & Aprels black and white necklace
Banks and Biddle gold braclet

The Grade

The Commentary
Loves this shade of purple with black and white. I happened upon the combo when I was in Japan for work and threw a few things together in a jet-lagged haze. Accidents sometimes lead to fashion genius!

I have been DYING to pair my 3 or 4 tweedy jackets with my new Chanel bag. It’s really how both are meant to be worn ;)

You must know one thing: me wants a Chanel suit. Me neeeds it. It is The Precious.

Of course, it would have to be just the right one because I am not a stick and tweed definitely adds bulk. But to me they are the epitome of classic chic. So French, so fab. Ugh, but even resale they are soooo pricey. Someday, someday...

A few months ago, my dear friend Jean Bean, who helped inspire this blog and is a professional fashionista at CondeNast (natch!), posed the ultimate question, “If you could wear only one designer for the rest of your life, who would it be?” The question floored me. I’d actually never thought about having to be completely faithful to one designer.

I mean I ADORE Marc Jacobs. Who doesn’t heart Marc? He’s my absolute favorite but not all his clothes work on me. Sometimes they are too intellectual, too fashion forward, not flattering enough. Too granny chic. That being said, would I feel like me at 80 wearing Marc-y Marc? Not likely. It would remind me of my youth and the beginning of my love affair with high-end fashion but not sure it would work for my lifestyle. And even his delicious Vuitton stuff isn't quite me every single season.

Jean Bean’s answer came easily: Prada. Peaches, our other dear friend who has been in NYC since college, agreed. That surprised me but helped spark a renewed interest in the brand for me because I know they both have a good eye.

Sable Crow’s answer was Armani. Duh. He’s been an Armani guy since I meet him in dork dorms when we were 18. I envy his loyalty and certainty as both a friend and a fashion god.

I ultimately decided my designer would be Chanel. The black and white palette. The interlocking C's. It is just so iconic, so modern lady, so French, so fashion. C'est moi!

The genius known as Karl has done an amazing job of “younging” up Coco's brand with FUN jewelry, denim and swishy evening dresses that I want to eat. And the shoes...I always love the shoes. They are sexy but in a prissy way – just like me. I feel like Chanel would offer a plethora of scrumptious choices I could rock now at 30 and classic pieces that would be appropriate when I am an 80 year old titan ;)

What would your designer be for the rest of time?


Kate said...

I am totally Chanel too. I love all things classic. It all started when my great aunt gave me a nearly empty bottle of No. 5 when I was 13. I immediately knew the woman I wanted to be at 40. It's kind of like Chanel is my north star when it comes to image.

weezermonkey said...

I am laughing so hard at your Gollum moment in this post!

I wish I could name "my" designer. I'm not stylish enough to even come up with a few possibilities!

amber said...

i usually don't go into high-end designer stores, but i went shopping once with my husband's aunt and cousin and they shop all the 'fancy' stores. we went into hermes, st. john, jimmy choo, ferragamo and lastly, chanel. it was so much fun actually going in and looking around. the stuff is way out of my price range, but wow! talk about some absolutely gorgeous pieces!

i'm still on the hunt for the classic ballet flats from ferragamo. each season they tweak them a bit, but i want the traditional ones that my girl hepburn wore. i have a cheapy pair to tide me over, but hopefully they'll bring back the real ones soon!

fancypants said...

I have to agree with Jean and pick Prada/Miu Miu. I am not a girly-girl and Prada/Miu Miu just suits my personality to a "T." Though giving up my precisous Balenciaga bags would make me a sad clown.

R said...

Your Precious moment was precious. :) I could not even begin to choose a designer because I am fashion-tarded and know nothing about them. I'll admire from the sidelines. ;)

Da Fashionista said...


LOVING the new ferragamo ballet flats:

You know the classic ones are pretty easy to find resale. I had like 3 pairs at one point. All for under $50.

Illustrator said...

Chanel! :D


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