Monday, January 14, 2008

The Scene
Hit the gym at 7 a.m. before work again and am really pondering going to Thursday night’s boot camp class!!! Have clearly lost my mind but looking forward to being a thinner version of myself while sporting a simple Calvin Klein straight jacket in the room next to Britney's.

Got a yummy lunch of ginger steamed chicken with Stylminded and debriefed about our shenanigan-filled Saturday night.

In the afternoon, EL's patent red flats made me smile. I flash on her as a little girl in Texas whenever she wears them. And Oz.

After work, I met up with KFR, my beautiful & chic former UCLA coworker, for Mexican and kvetching about our current jobs. Love her, heart her shoes (they are Naughty Monkey - hear that, weezermonkey? They were MADE for you.)

The Outfit
Vintage eggshell trench
Watermelon wrap sweater
BCBG Max Azaria paisely watermelon and green skirt

The Accents

Manolo Blahnik kitten heel beige slingbacks
Marc Jacobs putty hobo
H&M gold bangles mixed with Banks & Biddle bracelet
Me&Ro gold hoop earrings

The Grade


The Commentary

I bought this skirt in grad school about 8 years ago. I remember it being REALLY expensive at the time for my T.A. salary: 80 bucks…on sale! I marvel at my ability to anticipate then what a truly timeless piece it would end up being. It is sassy but still work-appropriate – a real rarity.

It continues to be a v. flattering length on me – cuts at the thinner part of my calf so I only really need to wear a little heel. I can turn up the vavavoom dial by pairing it with a Narcisco Rodriquez tomato-colored spike sandal in the summer. YOW!

Oh and another lovely thing about the skirt: it has an elastic waistband!!! Shhhhhhh!! This makes it extraordinarily forgiving as my middle's tautness seems to fluctuate from hour to hour.

The wrap sweater I happened upon at the UCLA Thrift Store (where loads of Westside ladies who lunch donate lovely designer frocks and the proceeds benefit the medical center. Read: Win-win.) It was less than $15 but is a fine gauge sweater. Had no tag when I bought it so have no idea who makes it. I swoon for the super flattering color (its better when I’m not so Edward Scissorhands/Sweeney Todd pale.)

It’s also a keeper because it creates as much of a waist as I will ever have. Do not be fooled by any of the photos I post here – I am straight up and down, no waist to speak of. So optical illusions are critical.

O O O - At work, I was making some tea in the kitchen and one of our VPs walks in and blurts out, “I think you might be the most fashionable woman who works here.” I said thank you awkwardly before he went on to acknowledge: “I mean there’s not a lot of competition but it’s a fact nonetheless.”

Um, it was nice…but weird…all before 10 am. And that’s pretty much The Office in a nutshell.


Kate said...

My thoughts on the bootcamp - DO IT. I've made a lot of awesomely smart choices in my life. Boot camp has proven to be among the smartest. I mean, how cool would it be to know that you are in fact a soldier? A Marc Jacobs wearing, Gucci bag carrying, USC loving, ass kicking machine. I think that would look good on you.

R said...

Kudos to you for continuing to work out!

The pictures of your friends' dolled up feet caught my eye. Does this mean I'm "getting into" shoes? Time will tell. :)

weezermonkey said...

Sexay top!

KFR said...

My shoes got snapped for the blog!! How exciting is THAT. Keep up the great blogging 'cos it's my new favorite thing (although my latest Tylie Malibu bag comes real close...)

Da Fashionista said...


LOVE YOU. I am going to go. I am going to be fearless this year, dammit! Thanks for the words...

YAY, r!

Come to the dark side. There's lots of fellow pyts over here to befriend!

I do it all for you, Monkey!

KFR, You always have THE best bags. Googling Tylie Malibu as we speak!


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