Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Scene
Arrive at Chez Mommy. She sees me sporting my new Marc Jacobs jacket and Gucci sunnies and promptly busts out HER Marc sweater and Gucci bag. So adorable. I love the details on her sweater. I want to eat her and Marc Jacobs up with a spoon.

We loll around the house chatting for hours then go on a mission to find her new curtains. (Snore! Me no likes home decor as much as fashion.) We have lunchy and then hit Forever and Old Navy and Bloomie's.

Get home, catch up on Project Runway, go to dinner at Hugo's and then celebrate new pal D's birthday at Blowfish with a little beer and the best kareoke I have EVER heard (D is a delish actor as apparantly are most of his uber talented, American- Idol-rivaling friends.)

The Outfit
Old Navy beige cowl neck henley
Marc Jacobs jacket
Hudson Jeans

The Accents
Louis Vuitton Speedy
Motley brown boots
Gucci Aviators
Forever 21 brown charm bracelets

The Grade

The Commentary
Loving the new MJ jacket. The buttons and inside lining KILL me. He is all about the details as am I. Was hopeful that this could be my new sassy rain jacket but alas it is not as warm as the RL puffer jacket. Boo. The search continues!

My mom picked out this SWEET top at Forever for me. Was waiting in line to pay ($22) and this blond heathen grabs at it and says, "Where did you get this?' - all crazy eye'd. UGH! Can she not see the top is white and should not be pawed? Doesn't she realize with her coloring this top is not a good idea? Seriously, were people raised in barns?

I hate stare her down and she quickly removes her claws from my garment. Then I witheringly say, "It is on the left back wall. But this was the last one. Sorry." F.

I think the outfit for D's party was a bit of a mess. Blaming it on the rain, Milli Vanilli-style.

I need brown leggings and brown tall boots desperately. Yum, yes, a flat brown boot would have been good.

Regardless, I got quite a few compliments on the top in just a couple of hours so I think I done good with this weekend's purchase.

(p.s. I love D double fisting and Lauragami's skin tone with her purty new haircolor. And well of course my baby's cute face.)


amber said...

the last couple weeks of PR have been so good! i watched this week's episode with my MIL and we were just dying over that adorable little dress from ricky. who knew he had that in him?! and i seriously want the navy coat and that blouse that jillian/victoria put together 2 weeks ago --- so. so. pretty!!

totally loving the new top -- very cute. but agree, brown boots/leggings would have kicked it up a notch. ;)

Anonymous said...

much love, mi amor. and yes, it was a rockin combo - brown boots or not.

weezermonkey said...

I love the post if only for the Milli Vanilli reference.

Cee said...

Your mom is so cute. I love how she compliments you when you guys hang out.

Def get brown leggings eventho mags keep saying 'NO to Leggings'.

I still love wearing my black ones w/ brown boots. The sad thing is that no stores have any great boots. Shopping online is the best!


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