Thursday, October 2, 2014

Baby Brand I Love: Freshly Picked

Thank goodness for Pinterest. It got me through the nights when I was pregnant and the baby kept me up kicking. And it entertained me through the first few weeks after she arrived when I'd stay up watching her sleep at night like an insane person.

One night I was pinning it up and discovered baby moccasins. My life would never be the same again.  I am obsessed with how they make chunky baby legs look even chunkier...all the better to nibble on them, this baby-eating witch says.

I saw super cute ones all over Etsy but then Freshly Picked caught my eye.

Remembered seeing the brand in US Weekly which naturally gave it a stamp of celebrity approval that meant Mini D had to have them. Why should Blue and Kardashian spawn have all the chunky legged fun?

I was initially thinking blush pink or gold dotted ones that could act as neutrals and match more of her wardrobe. And yet for two months, I didn't pull the trigger. Felt guilty that they were twice the price of some I saw on Etsy.

They are real leather while many of the Etsy ones are faux, the little fashion devil on my shoulder whispered. You really shouldn't go insane/broke buying baby girl clothes - think of her college fund, admonished the annoyingly fiscally responsible angel on my other shoulder. 

But then I saw the Picnic Pack limited edition moccasins from FP and had to get a pair for my doll. I mean how could I resist RIDICULOUS watermelon feets!!!!

Sizing is tricky with Freshly Picked since it goes by size of foot not age. But I emailed the company and they suggested I get a size 2 which generally fits 6 to 11 months. I picture my living doll wearing them with a white eyelet dress or a black top and leggings look next spring/summer.

When she outgrows that pair, she'll have gold ones to wear courtesy of my mom.

Might just have to get me a new gold pair of shoes to match.


Unknown said...

You'll just have to have more babies so you can amortize the costs.

Milly said...

you had a baby!!!..omg...she is adorable..Congrats!

Rachel J. Wert said...

Wow! Nice collection for the babies....

Brian Pittman said...

Very nice collection for babies.


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