Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sequin Zara Skirt: What to Wear to A Work Holiday Party

The Scene

It's the most wonderful time of the year: holiday office party time ;) 


Mr. Diabolina and I decided to start the night with a leisurely dinner at The Gorbals so at least we'd have a nice meal together before the obligatory tight-lipped wine-sipping with co-workers.

dianne molina photos 284

Started with the bacon wrapped matzo balls---sadly not as amaze as I expected.

dianne molina photos 288

And grilled squid with garlic and lemon---my favorite dish of the night.

dianne molina photos 286

Confit turkey leg and a lamb burger (not pictured)---both insanely good.

dianne molina photos 289

Roast carrots and fried kale---greasy good for you ;)

dianne molina photos 290

Then with full, Santa bellies, we made an appearance at my work party. Everyone talked about work. No one made ass.

The Office 4


The Outfit
Banana Republic top
Zara sequin skirt

The Accessories
Dolce and Gabbana heels
Chanel bag
Bracelet from the Fashion District

The Grade

dianne molina photos 291

The Commentary

Built the outfit around this new sequin skirt. LOOK at the splatter effect of the different colored sequins!!!! Love love love it. Especially fond of the longer length---no hoochie coochie allowed for a work holiday party.

dianne molina photos 297

 I work at a tech company i.e. there are NO fashionistas for miles. So I thought the skirt would be enough to blow minds and was going to simply pair it with a crew neck black sweater. But then I remembered: I dress for myself not other people.  I like to stand out, not blend in. So dug out this old top that was hidden in the back of my closet. It must be nearly a decade old by now. Love its drape and material. Manages to make the deep v neck not so scandalous.

dianne molina photos 313

Decided to add a pop of red with the lips and my new favorite makeup staple: a cat eye.

dianne molina photos 306

And this little $10 bracelet that I nabbed in the fashion district. Very House of Harlow.

 dianne molina photos 299

The cherry on top was my mom's borrowed Chanel bag.
Want to live in this outfit. Very J to the Lo.





It is festive but still professional. Just the right balance. Plan to reinvent it for Christmas in Vegas and maybe even New Year's...

The  Inspiration









fshnonmymind said...

Hello, sexy mama!!!! I absolutely adore that sequin skirt (and the interesting effect the different colors give it) and that blouse is a little subdued with the color but a whole lot of sexiness by giving just a hint of cleave.
I love this outfit!!

adeleno5 said...

Love the skirt - co-worker appropriate but still totally fabulous. A+

lookrichbitch said...

I wore sequins to hub's holiday party too!

Can't wait to see you in a few more weeks!

Jean Bean said...

I see new camera!


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