Monday, December 12, 2011

Prada Spring 2011 Stripes

The Scene

During our fall trip to NYC, my mom and I met the baby girl I used to babysit when I was a teen and she was a tween.  She is now bicoastal (a dream) so we caught up with her for brunch at The Dutch. Had been hearing about the SoHo spot from fashionistas and foodies alike so I knew it'd be perfect for a girlie pig/gab fest. 

Missoni NM Dailydiannemolinaphotos 022_177

The Food

Started with TDF biscuits slathered with butter and honey. 

diannemolinaphotos 019

Shared the two fried eggs, hominy grits, chorizo and salsa verde. Muy delicious. Not as greasy as it sounds.

diannemolinaphotos 015

And finally the Eggs Okonomiyaki, a Japanese egg pancake with pork belly and shrimp. Finger-like bonito flakes move and curl on top, beckoning you to get your grub on. Crazy creepy and craaaaaaazy tasty. Never eaten anything like it. Highly recommend if you are the adventurous type.

diannemolinaphotos 014

A+ brunch with A+ company.

Missoni NM Dailydiannemolinaphotos 021_176

The Outfit
Elizabeth and James top
Forever 21 skirt
Vintage trench

The Accessories
Rebecca Minkoff bag
Prada sunglasses
Abate for Payless heels
Forever 21 bracelets and earrings

The Grade

prada striped skirt

The Commentary

Built the outfit around these sensible, stripey kitten heels.


Sadly after a few hours huffing around NYC even they weren't sensible enough. F to being an Angeleno without a car service. Had to change into super not fierce ballet flats.  Dowdy-ied up the cool striped skirt and poppy top combo.

Missoni NM Dailydiannemolinaphotos 026_181

Bought the skirt because it cost less than 20 bucks and approximated the Prada Spring stripes that I'm still loving.  Endless possibilities with this skirt. And love the thirty something appropriate length.


Love Spring 2011 so much that  on my last day in NYC I couldn't resist these stripey Prada sunnies from the same season at Century 21. Not the most flattering on my huge face but I don't care.

prada striped sunglasses
I fear I'm two pairs deep into a bonafide Prada sunglasses collection (read: obsession.)


The Inspiration





prada skirt 1


1 comment:

Kyle said...

ZOMG, so excited to see this post because I own the heels in this picture!

Love, love, LOVE everything about Prada stripeys. On you, on everyone.


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