Monday, September 12, 2011

Fashion Night Out Los Angeles 2011: Rodeo Drive

The Scene

I was one of the fifteen thousand fashion lovers who spent
Fashion Night Out this year on Rodeo Drive. Very exclusive party ;) 


Easy to understand why it was such a draw. All the most swoon-worthy designer stores on the planet...

fashion blog 098

PLUS, a totally unpretentious, everyone's welcome carnival of an atmosphere?

fashion blog 093

Well, it makes for the most surreal juxtaposition EVER. I mean, there were people getting their hair did...on the front of YSL. WHAT???  
fashion blog 092

I decided there was only one pretty kitty who could appreciate the logo-ed ridiculousness of it all with me.

fashion blog 084

Plus I knew my tiny momma would approve of my not so tiny desire for food truck noming
fashion blog 102

After all, she's the one who created this hungry hungry hippo
fashion blog 101

In fact, SHE'S the piglet who demanded we START the night at Sprinkles. She's my hero!

fashion blog 083

She was also the one getting her crabcake on at a rooftop part-ay wiith my fave friend of a friend @LAFoodStreetApp, the genius who coordinated the dozen or so food trucks on Rodeo Drive for FNO this year. Finally got to meet his friend @JoJoYo, one half of East of Highland, in person. I girl crush on her gorgeous smile and big brain.

fashion blog 091

Favorite experience of the night though was lolling around at Chanel, duh.


I may be biased but the iced tea TASTED like interlocking C's. I swear.


Loved peeping all the little FNO bags stacked up. Reminded me of the glorious gift bags at the Robertson Chanel boutique opening I went to years ago.


This time, though, the bags were filled with Jeans de Chanel nail polishes, available for purchase on FNO.


Don't tell Anna, but I didn't end up buying anything on FNO. 
But if I had, it would have been these two pairs of shoes. 


One for me and one for my mom.

fashion blog 107

The Outfits on FNO










The Outfit
H&M sweater
Laundry skirt

The Accessories
Forever 21 necklace and bracelets
Chanel bag and earrings
Tory Burch booties
Prada sunglasses
Michele watch
YSL bag

The Grade

fashion blog

The Commentary

I was dying to wear a totally fall outfit on Fashion Night Out: maxi skirt, boots, wool hat, leopard scarf.  But the weather in LA wouldn't have it.  Still 80 degrees at 5 pm.

Ended up pulling together a summer meets fall outfit. Stripes, black, leopard, booties. Basic. Blah.

Felt not quite fab enough. Thank god my new Prada baroque sunnies brought a little bit of the ferosh. And loving the bejeweled bib I do heart that bag...  

fashion blog 100

My mom gets an A for her polka dots. Yum to her Chanel beige too.

Loved how she kept marveling at how dressed up everyone was. We decided we want it to be FNO every day in LA. Which means we want it to be NYC :)

The Inspiration




Picture 8


p.s. This was my favorite shot from FNO. Talk about surreal, right?

New Picture (6)


East of Highland said...

I die for the Prada sunnies! They would take a permanent home on my face/head!! Look great on you :)

adeleno5 said...

Love that sweater- the color palette really suits you.

Rachee said...

FNO looked waaay more fun on Rodeo than here behind the Orange curtain. You and your mamasita are adorbs as always!


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