Thursday, July 14, 2011

What to Wear to a Summer Wedding: Missouri Edition

The Scene

Last month, Mr. Diabolina and I found ourselves in Missouri for a wedding. Mr. D's cousin was marrying a really cool chick from the midwest (her three brothers and male bff from college were her attendants: LOVE!) It ended up being one of the most stunningly beautiful, achingly heart-felt and perfectly laid-back weddings I've had the honor of witnessing. I'll never forget it.

JTL Wedding 2011 250

JTL Wedding 2011 261

JTL Wedding 2011 266

JTL Wedding 2011 365

Truth be told, being L.A. born and bred kids, Mr. D and I didn't know quite what to expect from Missouri. But we were beyond pleasantly surprised. It was just so Americana; relaxing, eye-opening and gorgeous.
JTL Wedding 2011 278

JTL Wedding 2011 184

JTL Wedding 2011 271

JTL Wedding 2011 417

It was also surprisingly romantic. I think there's something about getting out of your comfort zone together...feeling completely out of your element with the person you love and trust most by your side... exploring unchartered territory hand in hand. A little like getting married, I guess.  

The Outfit
Forever 21 dress

The Accessories
Guisseppe Zanotti heels
Chanel sunnies
Louis Vuitton earrings
Fashion District bracelet and stud ring
Thrifted vintage clutch

The Grade

JTL Wedding 2011 179

The Commentary

I'm a lover not a hater so I was positively RIVETED by the Royal Visit to North America last week. As an English major and first generation American, the mythology of British royalty completely fascinates me. The sense of obligation and pagentry and HISTORY is about as far away from my reality as you can get. I thrill in the escapism of it all.

Kate's fashion choices weren't just a mid-summer treat, they were practically a step-by-step user's guide to what to wear to a summer wedding. They were, first and formost, feminine. The details and the shapes were flirty and flattering but never fussy. The colors and prints were festive without screaming "LOOK AT ME!" The hemlines and necklines were always tasteful, showing off her figure (THAT WAIST!), without ever being revealing. The accessories were consistently chic and yet sensible and functional, never too TOO.

All those guidelines apply perfectly during wedding season---whether you're the future Queen of England or the current Lady Di :) In Missouri, I wanted to keep things simple. Chose a color that was bright and flattering but opted for a high neckline and knee-grazing hem. Added only a small bit of bling, by my standards. But the one thing I couldn't resist? TOO TOO shoes: GZ neon ankle wrap, ice pick heels to be exact. Needed to create a little bit of contrast and color blocking and LA-girl-in-Missouri WOW factor.

JTL Wedding 2011 297

Mission accomplished: on my way to the wedding, a 60-something year old man beelined for me in the lobby of the hotel. He had a shock of white hair and a round tummy and his kind eyes looked giddy when he said to me, "Those are GREAT shoes!" There was not a hint of chester the molester in his voice. He was just utterly delighted by my neon shoes. LOVE!

JTL Wedding 2011 181

Fast forward three hours and as Mr. Diabolina and I sat down for dinner at a table that was a mixture of family and strangers, there he was. My shoe grandpa. He practically clapped his hands with delight when he told his wife and daughter the story.

I was delighted when I peeped their Chanel clutches. Kindred spirits even in MO.

The Inspiration














Alysson said...

you look gorgeous!! I LOVE your pink heels with the blue! Her wedding looks gorgeous!

fshnonmymind said...

You are just perfection in this outfit, especially with the neon pink shoes.
The background of that wedding is just simply stunning. Definitely makes me all for getting married outside.

perfumeorpoison said...

i love your look, and all the photos you put for inspiration :)
however i do think the duchess should explore fashion a bit more, and also eat a bit more ;)

StartedOver@28 said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed your trip! I love when "coasters" come to the midwest for the first time and are pleasantly surprised with what they find. We are more than just flyover territory!


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