Monday, July 11, 2011

How to Wear Red: What I Wore to Trevor Project Prom

In 1995, I was a nerdy senior at an all-girls Catholic high school who barely snagged one date to prom.

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Sixteen years later, even though I am now a senior citizen, I managed to nab five dates for the Trevor Project "Prom."
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Sure they were all gay but they were pretty and fabulous and fun---that's all that matters.

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So what does one wear to a prom-themed fundraiser at a castle hovering at the tippy top of the Hollywood Hills?

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According to my work bestie, Lashes Lawyer, a powder blue tux and ruffled shirt. LOVE!

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We went shopping earlier in the day and found many a REDICulous ruffled option for me.


Utimately settled on this look. $40 at Jet Rag. Fit me like a glove and matched Lashes Lawyer in that it looked classy camp. Have never worn a red long gown before. Love love love the satin, Miss America, lady in red of it all.


Added the tiara because when going to prom with queens, one has to crown oneself.

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Before some amazing Marie Antoinette steals your thunder. F ;)

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Or some pretty boy distracts you with his chest peep

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So you don't notice he's wearing peeptoes TOO!!!!

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Shoes were really the most important fashion call of the night

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We were all fire burning on the dance floor

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We're talking outta control shenanigans that led to a twisted ankle. Ugh to old age.

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But yay to how cuuuuute Sable Crow is tearing up the dancefloor!!!

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Check out how deftly he prom poses AND covers my belly in this photo: A+!

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That bitch sure knows how to work a camera...

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adeleno5 said...

The word "prom" gives me a little teenage horror flashback to being 3 inches taller than my date. In flats. But you look amazing in red, and it looks like a wonderful night for a worthy cause.

Alysson said...

love these red inspirations!! XO

lookrichbitch said...


Kate said...



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