Saturday, April 9, 2011

Where to Eat in NYC: Six of My New Favorite Places to Pig


It's been a while since I've done a post solely dedicated to hogging so here goes: a special NYC edition with special appearances by the woman who made me such a pig, Patti aka Mama Diabolina.

1. DBGB Bar and Kitchen---a Daniel Boulud restaurant

You better believe if Peaches tells me the place he's taking me for dinner is pig heaven, I'm not gonna eat most of the day in preparation.

Fashion Blog Diary 193

Good thing since upon sitting down he informed me we were getting "The Piggie." I mean when something is named after you on a menu, you HAVE to get it, right? Oink-right.
Fashion Blog Diary 187

I started with the Iceberg & Blue
Fashion Blog Diary 188

Peach got his favorite Chop Chop salad

Fashion Blog Diary 189

And we split TWO sausage entrees: the Thai (pork, lemongrass and red curry links, green papaya, basil fried rice, chilli sauce, quail egg) and the Beaujolaise (pork, mushrooms, onion, bacon and red wine links with lentils du puy.)

Fashion Blog Diary 190

Oh and we also shared The Piggie, like piggies

Fashion Blog Diary 191

I may have also gotten a sundae. But I forget.
Fashion Blog Diary 192

2. Mercer Kitchen---a Jean-Georges restaurant

Mr. NBC was out of town for most of my trip but w did sneak in a romantic dinner. You could call it the anti-thesis of my meal with Peaches---a light, healthy nosh at the Mercer Hotel.

Fashion Blog Diary 204

Mr. Gorgeous Smile got the slowly cooked salmon with warm potato salad and sugar snap peas and horseradish

Fashion Blog Diary 207

While I started with the Split Pea Soup (since I was starting to come down with a HORRIBLE flu)

Fashion Blog Diary 203

And I tried a fish I'd never had before called Skate with Tarragon, Sesame Seed, Asparagus and Sushi Rice.

Fashion Blog Diary 205

Absolute heaven.

Fashion Blog Diary 206

3. Ma Peche---a Momofuku restaurant

On the sixth day that I was in NYC, my mom arrived for a girl's weekend. She came ready to hog. Wanted to eat cupcakes off the street before dinner.

Fashion Blog Diary 208

I talked her off that ledge and took her to Ma Peche on the suggestion of my Peach. After having eaten a whole pig at a Momofuku restaurant during a 2009 trip to NYC, I was very excited.
Fashion Blog Diary 209

I had the pork cheeks and my mom had the striped bass (no pictures, I was barely lucid at this point from the flu) but our favorite part of the meal was the brussel sprouts with cranberries, scallion and chilli vinaigrette.

Fashion Blog Diary 210

Well, make that our second favorite. Our most favorite part of the meal was the crack pie because as the name intimates it is crack-like in its goodness

Fashion Blog Diary 213

Great meal that I would've enjoyed more if I wasn't so terribly ill. Boo.

Fashion Blog Diary 212

4. Katz Deli---where Sally faked an orgasm for Harry

My mom woke up Saturday morning and demanded we start the day at a deli.

Fashion Blog Diary 232

Peach suggested the one immortalized in When Harry met Sally

Fashion Blog Diary 233

That piglet probably suggested it because the portions are HUGE

Fashion Blog Diary 234

My mom was ECSTATIC

Fashion Blog Diary 235

I was so UNWELL that the sight of so much food kinda grossed me out. When I'm not hungry that's when you KNOW I'm on my death bed.

Fashion Blog Diary 236

5. Buddakan---where Miranda told Steve "You broke us" during Carrie's rehearsal dinner

I'd never taken my mom to Buddakan so I was excited to introduce her to an old friend.

Fashion Blog Diary 257

We started with the incredible, light edamame spring rolls that melt in your mouth

Fashion Blog Diary 254

Then we dove into the black cod with chilli eggplant and black bean relish

Fashion Blog Diary 255

My momma fell in love with the fried rice just like I did the last time Peaches and his bf took me there.
Like pig mother, like pig daughter.

Fashion Blog Diary 256

We may or may not have had a cupcake at Eleni's afterward.

Fashion Blog Diary 251

I forget these things.

Fashion Blog Diary 252

6. The Breslin---at The Ace Hotel

Have been dying to go back to The Breslin after I had the most amazing VEAL STEW there. This trip we tried it for Sunday brunch.

Fashion Blog Diary 263

You know any place with pig paraphenalia is going to be good.

Fashion Blog Diary 264

My little piggie was excited.

Fashion Blog Diary 262

She got the AMAZE Ricotta pancakes with orange marmalade and almonds

Fashion Blog Diary 268

And I got the baked eggs with spiced tomato and chorizo.

Fashion Blog Diary 269

We walked the entire Highline afterward.

Fashion Blog Diary 250

Probably burned off a good 1/1000th of the calories we consummed in NYC.

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