Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Black Friday Weekend Haul

So much to toast this Thanksgiving. For my mom, a successful recovery. For me, a new professional opportunity.  And for both of us, beautiful friends and an amazing Mr. Diabolina who love and support us.

Picnik collage

So on Black Friday, we decided to get away to wine country for some Mommy and me celebrating!
Picnik collage

We did quite a bit of the usual for us: yapping, staring at food, and OF COURSE shopping.  Braved the Camarillo outlets mid-morning on Friday. Hardcore fashionista thug style!

Picnik collage

My mom's haul: caz tops at Tory Burch, a turban-y headband at BCBG, a gorgeous fur trim and two-in-one statement necklace at Off 5th Avenue. All over 60 percent off.  

ss 206

She was very impressed with herself. 

I nabbed four things I've been wanting foreva: a turban at BCBG, a LAMB clutch, and a puffer vest and sequin skirt at the Banana Republic. Also all over 60% off.

ss 205

Not the my mom borrowing my furry vest as soon as I got it. Ugh.  She's lucky she's cute.
ss 210

Her luck must have rubbed off on me: when we got back to LA, I found Lanvin for H&M at the Beverly Center IN MY SIZE!!! 

ss 235

This bananas dress confused the shit out of me. Which means I looooved it.  See the nerdy smile.

ss 227

This one was a bit meh. The material too unforgiving/cheapy and the ruffles didn't wow me like the yellow dress I had wanted. Which was nowhere to be found. Of course.

ss 233

Thankfully I did find the other dress that I had wanted. The red, bewejelewed, tiered crazy lady one.  Here it is a size bigger than I ended up buying. Love. Though I think I may snip off the black belt to work better on my straight up and down middle.

ss 223

Added bonus: best.garment.bag.ever!

ss 236


Shannon said...

What a fun Mama D trip! Love the black Lanvin dress on you, can't wait to see what event you wear it for!

Jean Bean said...

Keep the belt, it helps define the waist.

fshnonmymind said...

I love that picture of your mom cheesing at her finds, too cute!!!
And I love those necklaces she scored too.

You look great in that red Lanvin x H&M dress.

Jordana said...

I came THISCLOSE to buying that necklace from Off 5th a few weeks ago. Seeing it now, I'm kicking myself.

You two are adorable. Great finds!

Victoria said...

So cute! The garment bag is to die for!!!

Natalie (NJ in L.A.) said...

The fur trim on your mother looks incredible! I'm happy you two had a lovely time on your getaway. Also, looking forward to hearing about this new opportunity of yours. xoxo

Rachee said...

you two are too adorable for words. Yay on the haul and the Lanvin dress. I got the same one in black,but this midget is returning it because the ruffles just ate me up. You look fab in yours!

Anonymous said...

Awesome haul! Love that sequin skirt and LAMB clutch. The necklace looks so great on your mama.


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