Monday, November 22, 2010

How to Wear a Striped Dress

I heart stripes.
Picnik collage

They are a staple in the wardrobes of fashionistas and mimes alike. 









 I'm always fairly cautious of the cut of any clothing with stripes since they can be unforgiving on the ole curves.
Picnik collage

So when I saw this silk shift dress at Forver 21, I wasn't sure I could pull it off.

It was a little harlequin court jester. Plus it was just a smidge too long and too relaxed through middle. Not ideal for someone with a thick waist and legs that are holding up.

But I got it anyway. I'm a sucker for a challenge. And for a deal. My dress was $32. All these dresses below from shopbop and net-a-porter are well over $150.  F that. 

Picnik collage

Picnik collage

Debuted the dress in question this weekend.
Paired it with Tory Burch booties.  For a little height and even more edge.
ss 141

Then I added my favorite Zara belt. I've decided it works with 99.9% of my wardrobe. See how it completely reinvents the shape of the dress and the feel of the look.

ss 142

Then finally I added some leather - a BCBG jacket and Chanel bag. Toughens up the look while pulling it all together.

ss 140

The cherries on top to soften things: the Forever 21 bow bangles and bow headband. Love love love!

ss 143

All day walking around with my mom, I felt very London mod chic. 


And like a bit of a preview of Miu Miu Resort 2011. 


The dress will be perfection with any one of the Miu Miu resort shoes I've got my eye on.
Copy of miu-miu-spring-2011-collection

Polka dots and stripes are the new swallows




fshnonmymind said...

I tell you, we are on the same fashion wavelength!!!
I bought that same dress at F21 about 2 weeks ago after eyeing it on the website. I wasn't sure about the stripes, but I think the different directionality works to not draw so much focus on the not so toned spots. I love how you added more edginess with the belt, booties and jacket. I can't wait to wear mine.

I love me a Miu Miu shoe, that's for sure. I've decided that I need to save my pennies to get a pair next year after seeing all of these magazine features. I'm thinking those polka dot platforms have my name on it.

Martina Gallo said...

Fantastic blog =)
I hope you pass to mine and follow me!
Thanks =)

InnyVinny said...

This is my favorite post in the history of ever. Seriously. Stripes GALORE!

Kristen said...

I've developed a serious thing for stripes recently, after years of avoiding them. Love how you styled your Forever 21 find.

Anonymous said...

I'm just seeing this post today, in 2012, and let me tell you, that you have curated by far the best collection of one look, like ever!! Best blog I've seen regarding the striped dress. I must read on!!


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