Saturday, August 21, 2010

Gaga over Green Givenchy and Gorg Gays

Last May, I escorted Sable Crow to The Trevor Project's big summer fundraiser.


That was the first time I met Lashes (in sunnies).  He was a new friend of Sable Crow's.  A lovely, hilarious lawyer who in case you are blind happens to be prettier than most girls.  Yum.


Fast forward a year and Lawyer Lashes has become one of the dearest people in my life.  We now work at the same company, volunteer on the same Trevor Project committee and talk every day.  He makes me laugh, he makes me think, he inspires me.  He is a gem. 

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He is also a fellow Leo whose birthday is a week after mine. This picture is from my 33rd birthday, my Jesus birthday.  It was a party of BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS. I was The Virgen de Guadelupe. (Yes, I know I am going to hell.  Plan on tap dancing all the way.)


For Lashes Lawyer's birthday, I traded the biblical garb for Givenchy.  A silk and chiffon drop waist dream that was a birthday present from my mother.  Yet another recent resale score.  Paired it with my emerald Stella McCartney clutch, Guisseppe Zanotti hot pink heels and a full body spanx because the shape of the dress isn't ideal for my no waist bod.

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The hair is getting so long that it got pinned to the side with a little Forever 21 barrette.


The better to show off the Givenchy corset-y back.  LOOOOOOOOOOOVE!

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When we got to the party at The Andaz hotel in WeHo, it was a sausage fest. A glorious glorious sausage fest.

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There was only one other lovely lady in attendance at the big birthday dinner.  She is one of our coworkers too.  We nearly squealed with delight when we realized we were both rocking head to toe BOLD.

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Love great brunette minds that think alike! 

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Also love me some attention.  Especially from gays.  The hotter. The better.

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all 338

all 393

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After 12 years together, Mr. Diabolina doesn't bat an eye at my shenanigans.

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Frankly, I think he appreciates a night off.  Smirks at me flouncing about, molesting all the gay menz I can get my paws on.

all 365

Was on fire all night.  Felt radiant and confident and happy.  Felt the power of green.   


Can't wait for a chance to reinvent the dress.  Pair it with a long art deco necklace. A poppy wrap.  Drop earrings.  Maybe a neurtral shoe.



where blake lively fendi bag






Though the shoes really made the outfit. 


Even gay men can't resist...bandaid and all ;)

Zanotti's tag line should be: Makes all the boys come to the yard.

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Jean Bean said...

Hilarious pic of discarded Mr. D shooting lasers out his eyes!

Da Fashionista said...

Right???? It's soooo hard being the only straight for miles

Ronida said...

It looks like you guys all had a ball - and you look super duper fab in that green dress! I love the bright pink shoes with it as well.

Lynn Tran said...

Rockin' outfit, D. I would never have thought to pair it with hot pink shoes, but this is why I love your blog. You inspire me to think outside my comfort level.

fshnonmymind said...

You were definitely the hot mama at that party!!! I am in love with that green, your Barbie shoes and how adorable is that little bow in your hair. :)
You Leo's know how to party!!!

mindy said...

Love your outfit!! AND the pics of Mr. Diabolina...DYING!!

tam pham said...

OMFG, you look TO DIE FOR GORGEOUS in that green dress! emerald green is most definitely your color!


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