Thursday, May 13, 2010

What to Wear on Vacation this Summer

A few weeks ago my mom and I spent a glorious, relaxing week eating and laughing our way through New Orleans and Miami. It was both our first times.  And it was the best.trip.ever. 

As our pictures illustrate, there are 10 fashion must have's for a fabulous 2010 summer vacation:

1. Glam beach cover ups: think J Lo meets Mrs. Roper
2. Contrasting color pairings: Always flattering, particularly when you've got a tan
3. Pretty prints: Forget safe solids, this season is all about bold prints
4. Stripes: Muy caliente trend that anyone can rock at any price point
5. Blair headbands or JLo sun hats: ideal for post-beach nights
6. Chic sunglasses: Ideally ones that scream "I'm in Miami, bitch"
7. Slouchy purses: Easier to travel with than rigidly structured bags
8. Breezy feminine dresses: Comfortable, flirty and ideal for distended bellies from vacay gorging
9. Versatile wrap sweaters: I've said it a million times, these work with EVERYTHING
10. Sensible but sassy shoes: Even on walking intensive trips, fab footwear is a must.

A few days ago a reader asked me exactly what shoes to throw in your suitcase:

Hey D,

How are you? Glad to see you made another post on your awesome blog and mazel on the new gig! I'm sure you'll rock at it!

Anyway, the reason for this here little email is to ask for your fashion expertise. My family and I (12 year old and husband) are going on a month long trip to Europe this summer and I don't know what shoes to buy. We'll for sure be doing a ton of walking and being that it'll be uber hot over there, I not only want to be comfy, but keep my tootsies fresh.

I also don't want to look like a friggin' spaz who sacrifices looks for comfort. No way! So can you help me please?

Thanks in advance!- Martha

p.s Keep doing your video blogs! They're great

Thank YOU for reading and the kind words, Martha.  And here's your answer...via video! Sorry about the camera orientation. It's not like I have a degree in broadcast journalism or anything.  F. 


The Modern Type said...

"looks like a vagina on your foot." best quote ever!

weezermonkey said...

Cochon! Jealous!

Emily said...

I like the clothes and the tips and all, but by far my favorite part of this post is your Mama throwing up the peace sign in a couple of pictures! She's too cute. Glad you guys had such a fun trip, and congrats on the new job!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new job! It's great to see you happy about working.
I love the brown, green, and black dress--such a knock out! Where'd you get it?

Pixie Feet said...

Thank you D for your reply! Time to shop, now that you've given me ideas! Europe here we come!

p.s. You and your mami are so cute in your pics! xo-M

Sheri, RN said...

What a fun mother-daughter vacation! I went to New Orleans with just my Mom last year, we had a blast too!

WendyB said...

Nice cleavage, girlie!

Milly said...

Great video! the shoes!!


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