Sunday, May 16, 2010

What to Buy at Bal Harbour (If Money Is No Object)

In addition to lounging by the pool and frolicking on the white sand beach of our gorgeous hotel, The Fontainebleu, my mom and I took in most of the sights in Miami: Little Havana, Ocean Drive, Coral Gables, Star Island, the Deco District. Fascinating to roam around a city where Spanish flavor is everywhere and where being Latin doesn't feel like it's a class just is what it is: who you are. It felt like my childhood.  It felt like being at home in my own skin - the most at home I've ever felt in a US city.

But my absolute favorite activity in Miami: pressing our noses and grimy paws up to the windows at the Bal Harbour shops.  I've spent the last decade hearing about Latina divas shopping at Bal Harbour, the Rodeo Drive of Miami, and itching to see it for my self.

And let me tell you it did not disappoint this Latina diva.  It is like a pristine shrine to fashion, to all things beautiful and right in the world. I felt like crying there was so much yum in one place.

There were all the usual suspects: Neiman's and Saks, Prada and Pucci.

But they also had gloriously unexpected treats like a Roger Vivier store and - SWOON!- a  Lanvin store - which not even NYC or L.A. can boast.  There was NO one there the Friday morning we went and thus the salespeole were, not surprisngly, attentive to a fault.

Alas I didn't buy a thing all day.  But here are the baubles I would have bought if I was JLo or Thalia:

A red ruffle dress at Lanvin

Alaia cage heels 

A Giorgio Armani dress to match

This Theory tee

Dolce and Gabanna purse

Tom Ford Batwoman sunglasses

Balenciaga flats

Diane Von Furstenberg prints

Chanel raingear

Balmain purses

The entire Marni department

A Louis Vuitton beach bag

Fendi sandals

An Etro coat

Valentino heels

Anything Marc Jacobs

BCBG sandals

Miu Miu kitties

Looking and not being able to buy beautiful things always makes me hungry so my mom and I popped into Zodiac, the cafe at Neiman Marcus, for a little nibble.  We were so distracted by the model walking around in this exquisite gown that it took us a minute to realize that Julio Iglesias' wife and twin daughters were right next to us. 

My mom (who remember is the ULTIMATE rabid Julio fan) spent most of the meal eavesdropping and drooling in disbelief.

Like star fucker mother, like star fucker daughter ;)


WendyB said...

Great celeb-family spotting.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Bal Harbour! Thanks for the great pics :)
Can't wait to return home there this summer!
That lilac dress would make me impervious to celeb families also, insanely stunning!

Jean Bean said...

Me gusta!

Pickles said...

Hot mamas...I think that city was made for you.

Tamia said...

I love how the clothing display in the Marni section makes the clothing seem like an undulating wave of lovely fabrics. And the Miu Miu kitties. No words.

It looks like you guys had a ball--I'm envious! I LOVE traveling with my mother. We always have the best time.


Anonymous said...

Awesome post! I really like the Theory Tee. Totally going to buy it now!

Btw Patrick Dolemite Green suggested this blog to me. I enjoy reading it :)

Carissa from the


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