Monday, March 1, 2010

Da Fashionista Giveaway: MagnaPods

Proud to report my New Year's Resolution to have more fun with makeup is still going strong. I am constantly experimenting with new colors, products and techniques.  Thanks partly to my latest You Tube glam guru, Michelle Phan, who just inked a deal with Lancome.



The discovery of matte bronze powder + highlighting shimmer for slimming my life-long chipmunk cheeks has pretty much changed my life.

So has the discovery of organizing products like MagnaPods.  These genius small sized storage units magnetically adhere to the inside of steel  framed medicine cabinets creating new storage space that is perfect for organizing makeup, brushes, lip products, q-tips, eye liners and much more. Just what every messy makeup maven needs.  Check out the "Insiders Picks" section of the February 2010 issue of Lucky Magazine for more.

And since I heart my readers and want you to get your organized, Lauren Luke on,  I'm giving away a set of MagnaPods to a random winner.  Simply leave a comment with your favorite makeup products/tips/recommendations before 5 pm PT  this Friday the 5th. Winner will be announced on Twitter over the weekend and contacted via email.

Good luck and happy glamming!


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Glad you are enjoying the hobby :)

I am not going to enter because I weirdly have no medicine cabinets in this new house (!!!!?!?!?) and want it to go to someone who can use them.

But I just wanted to say yay and I heart make-up! And your blog :)

Da Fashionista said...

Kiss you Andi! Confession: I actually don't have medicine cabinets in my condo either. That's why I'm giving away the product sample I got. SHHHHHH ;)

The MagnaPods folks did tell me they will have a new product coming in the next month that will help to resolve the problem of a non-steel framed cabinet. Stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

I also have a non-steel medicine cabinet!

I don't wear a lot of makeup but I really like this eyeliner:

Juana said...

You could line your bathroom drawers or cabinet with a thin sheet of steel.

Nina said...

I am so glad to see TJ's Simpler Times beer featured on your blog. I buy it for my husband all the time. The price is right. lol

I am the most unorganized person so I could totally use those organizers.

One makeup tip I discovered recently is to use cream eye shadow in place of an eye shadow primer and layer different colors of powder eye shadow on top.

MissMae said...

I would love to have some!

InnyVinny said...

OOH! I want one!!!

My go-tos are Dermablend concealer, MAC Mineralize powder, Nars Orgasm blush, and black liner.

I just picked up some Sugarpill eyeshadow to play with, and I'm sure I'll be adding it to the standby list.

Annie said...

Priming your eyelids is a must for people with oily lids like myself. I also stipple pressed powder underneath my eyes to keep my eyeliner from running downwards.

My favorite make up products would have to be brushes from e.l.f. I usually only use MAC brushes or Sephora, but the elf ones are sooo cheap and I don't feel bad for not taking care of them like I should.

I also use NYX products to contour my cheeks and nose :). I LOVE make up and I range from high end to drug store. Whatever catches my eye. Also I cut up false lashes and put on pieces to give myself a fierce look when I want to look uber glam. I love your blog :)

Anonymous said...

No medicine cabinets here, either :( Sad, cause it looks like a cute product!

Love me some Michelle Phan! The YouTube beauty community is soooo addictive.

You're looking fabulous as always :)

fshnonmymind said...

I have to check out YouTube for make-up videos now. I too want to have more fun with make-up, as my current beauty routine could use some color and a new trick or two.
I love using a highlighter pencil in the inner corner of my eye. It's so simple, but is a great way to make my face look awake. Currently using the Smashbox Eye Brightner Pencil.

Christine said...

Having good brushes is key for me. These would be so helpful in my new apartment!

Sheila said...

I love Revlon Color stay eye shadows, they're a go to if I don't want to spend much money for eye shadows.

Lynn Tran said...

A make-up artist recently told me that you should wash your eyelids with baby wash/shampoo (tear-free) so that you can get it really clean for make-up application. It was a tip she gave us prior to doing our make-up for a friend's wedding recently.

Sheri said...

Love the giveaway!

My favorite makeup product is: concealer. I use this as my "foundation" in breakout spots due to acne and celiac disease (trust me it is not fun). So hard to find a good coverage on it though.

My best makeup tip: clean makeup brushes at least weekly with warm water and baby shampoo - works great!

Heather said...

My favorite make-up products is NARS blush in 'Orgasm'. I have tried so many blushes and this one is just 'it'. And I get lots of compliments and others asking what it is. Great brand + product!

lookrichbitch said...

i have a medicine cabinet!!!

my new fave product is mac's blush ombre in ripe peach. it's part of the color forecast line.

it's the perfect peachy-pink color for me! love!

ro said...

Oh gosh, I totally need me some MagnaPods. I spent the whole weekend moving into a new place, and I'm such a mess, especially with my makeup.

I've been looking at Japanese fashion mags like Vivi for makeup looks. Even though I can't read what it says, they show every little step on how to apply your eyeshadow, with diagrams on where exactly to apply it. Super detailed and useful. And they're always showcasing fun colors that are still totally wearable.


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