Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Shiny Toy: Diane von Furstenberg Marla Bis Top in Posey

A few weeks ago Australia-based The Fashion Loving Stylist emailed to let me know she would be in L.A. styling a movie and wanted to get together for a girls night! We invited Fashion Intel and InnyVinny to make it a fabulous fashionable foursome and hit Bottega Louie for dinner and Seven Grand for after-dinah drinks.

My first fashion blogger meet up was everything I hopped it would be. Let's start with the fashion faves of the night - Fashion Intel's TDF Alexander Wang bag with secret pockets, my Forever 21 ring, Fashion Stylist's Chanel earrings and Inny Vinny's "Tribute Tributes." A+ to ladies who bring it. Especially for first in person impressions ;)

The four of us laughed pretty much non-stop the entire night. Mostly about the best TV show EVER, RuPaul's Drag Race. You see, Fashion Intel brought up this amazing RuPaul quote that had been circulating the Web that day. So I just HAD to tell the girls how I spent that Monday night sitting next to Ru at a mutual friend's house previewing the second season of Drag Race!!!!!!

Love that they all almost fainted when I told them; I almost fainted when I got invited! Adore me some ladies who can appreciate them some man ladies.

For the record: I made Ru laugh 4.5 times and yes, his friends call him Ru and I think he is seriously the least pretentious queen ever, and I've got my money on JuJuBee this season.

The girls and I also talked shop. We swapped stories about cool and not so cool fashion bloggers. And shared tales of busting shitty anonymous commenters with good ole IP targeting. Yayayayaya to being blogger narcs and booooooo to readers who player hate.

And finally, like all good bloggers, we took waaaaay too many pictures.

I taught them the good ole Mr. Architect head trick.

And my cure for a case of ass face and bangs. A condition I've been suffering from ALL THE TIME lately. F.

Love these ladies. Love the interwebs for bringing them into my life.

Also in looooooooooves with my new shiny toy: this Diane von Furstenberg Marla Bis Top in Posey. Scored it resale at Designer Labels for $50ish.

Remember how I spent most of last year gaga over the Spring 2009 DVF prints? Despite the fact that sociopath Olivia wore a multipletude of them.

Today I channeled Whitney crossed with Ongina

But next time I think I will play it a little less safe. Want to try the print on print trend that I am HOT TO TROT for this spring. Will start off slow since I don't want to fuck it up, have to lipsync for my llllllife and be forced to sashay away.


tam pham said...

adore the top. yay for blogger meetups. our day together will come...

MargoSLaw said...

oh i <3 DVF. (we're talking about 3 skirts, 4 dresses, and a number of blouses). i <3 her even more when i can get them all on crazy sale.

you are completely fabulous!

sarahwl said...

Can you please do a HOW TO post on picture posing courtesy of Mr. Architect? Lord knows I need all the help I can get!

InnyVinny said...

GIRL!!! This post + you + ONGINA = MY EVERYTHING.

We have to do it again...methinks a Drag Race viewing party. Can we dress up? Like, tranny dress up?!?!

I <3 you.

People, D is the bestest! Really. She is. I'll sock you if you say otherwise!

bubbie said...

I love your blog, been reading it since you started it. I miss your daily outfits though :(

Adeleno5 said...

I love RuPaul's Drag Race - How can I be too lazy to blow out my hair and put on eyeliner when those b**ches turn it out so fiercely? They are totally inspiring.

Van said...

I have one thing to say...

You betta WORK!

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

That was one of my best days in LA. Think I have to move there so we can do that on a more regular basis. You are more FAB in person than I could have ever imagined.

Lynn Tran said...

I'm glad to see that your new blogging journey has brought such wonderful peeps into your life. Good to have a creative outlet like this for you.

Also love your Golden Eye in that foursome pic ;).

Kimmy Davis said...

Hey Girl!
You made my day with your sweet comment! Umm..I'm kinda in love with your blog, too!!! And I'd LOVE to participate in the next L.A. meet-up! What a fabulous idea, dahling!



Sable Crow said...

Ah! How fun! I love how the internets brings us together in such crazy ways. It's like cyber-Crash, only without the car accident and the Oscars.
Love it!!

Natalie / Fashion Intel said...

What did one gay horse say to the other?


That joke is better in person! What a B-L-A-S-T I had with the 3 of you. Your are everything a reader could want, and more! Cannot wait to hang soon. I think a Drag Race viewing party is in order - good suggestion Alicia - and we can do our makeup crazy. I

I feel like there's soooo much more you and I can talk about!!!

xoxo NJ

lookrichbitch said...

dahling, i have the same top! scored at the Rack for about the same price! loves!

Kristina said...

It sounds and looks like you ladies had an awesome time!!! Loving the top=D

Ronida said...

The top looks fantastic on you - love the colors against your skin! I just bought my first piece of DVF at the Barney's Warehouse Sale and I'm so excited to wear it (even if I don't really know how to style it)!


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