Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Shiny New Toys: Forever 21 sunglasses and H&M cardigan

My Shiny New Toys

1. Forever 21 sunglasses

In my thirties I've become a designer sunglasses kinda girl. Before that, I used to worry about losing or breaking sunglasses too much to invest more than $15 on a pair. But it's surprising how magically careful (and chic!) you become when you pay a couple hundred bones for sunnies.

My collection currently stands at one Chanel, one Gucci, one Dior, one Chloe, one Marc by Marc, and one Raybans. In the last year I've been not-so-secretly cheating on these pretty kitties thanks to that siren Forever 21. They've done an amazing job of copying not only high end designer fashions but high end designer accessories.

Last month I fell for this pair. The shape was just what I had been fiending for: a kind of cat eye meets Wayferers. Retro yet fashion forward. And the cherry on top: a tortoise frame.

They cost just $6 and looked surprisingly similar to $300+ pairs that I fondled at the Alexander McQueen store. Humph!

They manage to be simulataneously classic and of the moment. Not an easy feat in fashion.

Some other similarly hot options this spring will be glasses from Alexander Wang, Giles, D&G, Rayban, Prada and Chloe.

But by next month I think I'll follow Nicole's lead and move on to round. Maybe Chanels, maybe Forever, maybe both.

2. H&M cardigan

Meet my new puffy sleeved dream. $25 currently at H&M. Just the right price to ride out the shoulder trend. And loving the pop of mustard. Here's a similar frou frou one in gray at Forever

Debuted it for midweek tapas with my mom at our new favorite spot, Tinto. My mom loved the food (see the glasses inspecting?) but mostly I think she loved being out on a Wednesday night with her two favorites. Especially now that she is meatball free.


tam pham said...

i DIE for that yellow cardi. magnifique!

Tabitha said...

Great sunglasses...I always get consumed with all their fun rings, bracelets etc that I always neglect the sunglass area. I'll have to check it out.

Kristina said...

I love your cardigan, the sunglasses were gorgeous and the Chanel move like Nicole is great b/c those Chanels were gorgeous along with all the photos of the different shoulder styles=] Love, love, love!

Anonymous said...

i love the cardigan! and how sweet of you to always be with your mum :)

WendyB said...

I want to move on from my round glasses to another shape. I know what it is I want but it seems no one is making it yet. Maybe I'll have to start another business to make it for myself!

Shannon said...

oy i die for that cardi and the gray dress - where did you get it? must. have. now.

Mar5195 said...

Love the color of that shirt. Looks good on us brown girls. Well done on those F21 sunnies.

Ronida said...

Love the gray dress with the yellow cardigan - it's such a happy burst of color!

Sable Crow said...


Adeleno5 said...

You are so right about how much better you treat your sunnies when you know how pricey they were - I broke my first pair of Pradas by pushing them up on my giant head. Now I treat my glasses as if they might explode at any moment which sounds a little bit crazy (fine, guilty), but they don't get lost or sat on.


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