Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Shiny New Toys: Circle Scarf

I've been a fan of circle scarves for a while. Been known to covet them on bloggers

And friends like Lauragami waaaay back in November of 2008

I sticky fingered one from my mom's closet and debuted it in May of 2009
(Look at my dreamy post-Brazilian Blowout hair - MUCH betta!)

And I cooed over them on the Missoni Fall 2009 runway

One of my college besties Mr. Peaches Baritone is a new convert. Instead of circle scarves, however, he calls them "snoods." I call him snooty.

He and I seriously spent the better part of November IM'ing each other with new snoody finds at Urban Outfitters, Etsy, Banana Republic and H&M. He must have bought half a dozen by the time Christmas rolled around...and encouraged me to do the justify his problematic obsession. But since they really are more perfect for tough NYC winters than mild LA ones, I refrained.

A few weeks ago, I came home to find a package from Peach on our doorstep. I knew what it was before I even opened it. The irony is that I had JUST come home from shopping and had popped into Banana Republic to see if they had any snoods left. Love my psychic friends network!

And loving how seamlessly my new lightweight beige snood from Nana with the elegant gray trim works with a variety of outfits. Here's how I wore it yesterday as tornados and floods ripped through LA Country.

Let me tell you if you haven't tried grey tights with beige boots, you haven't lived. Just ask Jessica and Reese

For all of you Angelenos suffering through the next few days of bad weather, here's some inspiration. And for all of you in the rest of the country dealing with winter for a few more months, my condolences.

If you are looking for a circle scarf of your own, I hear Fashion Toast loves the one from American Apparel.

But I suggest you support small business instead of Terry Richardson and get some on etsy, here or here.


Anonymous said...

Sir Alistair Rai has some really cute options as well, I'm lovin' this post!!

Anonymous said...

Love these scarves! LOVE the beige/grey combo too, looking fab!!

V said...

i LOVE circle scarves. i initially learned about them from fashion toast about a year and then i found a diy tutorial. it's SUPER easy to make if you want to make a basic one. my mom's attempting to make my sister a crocheted one. big fans. <3d that you covered it.

fshnonmymind said...

I have a slight scarf obsession and was totally hunting for a circle scarf around Nov/Dec. I lucked up on a pink on at Forever 21 and absolutely love it. I'm hoping to coerce my friend to knit one for me so I can start a collection of them.


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