Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Scene
Big scary happenings at work today. Taking it all in stride since it's completely out of my control. Going to take things one day at a time but it seems clear that I may have to put some kind of plan B into action sooner than expected.

So much instability wherever I look lately. Personally, professionally, even politically. I'm sooooo over this adult thing.

At the very least my hair looks better than it ever did when I was young and carefree.

Frizz free EVEN AFTER WORKING OUT!!!! Made an appointment for my mom to get her Brazilian Blowout tomorrow. Can't wait to both have no fuss, no muss hair. It'll be one less thing to fret over in the coming months.

The Outfit
Madewell black jeans
Banana Republic tank
Emporio Armani blazer

The Accessories
Knit circle scarf
YSL bag
Prada ombre sandals
Louis Vuitton bangle
Brass Plum earrings

The Grade

The Commentary

Built the outfit around this languidly drapey scarf. My mom was cleaning out her closet and gave it to me a few months ago. Had completely forgotten about it.

Tried to channel Girl in the Green Scarf today.

Right down the dangly earrings.

Bought them for my 27th birthday party when I wore a hot tamale green dress. Still love love love the earrings and the dress. Both under $40 at Nordstrom's juniors department.

The scarf managed to make me feel like a statuesque Lauragami

Crossed with a diminutive Olsen today.

Thought about wearing a white tank to contrast the green

But was feeling too chunky monkey for white.

Opted for the monochromatic black. Much more flattering.

And always more Fashion with a capital F.

Seriously addicted to black boyfriend blazers at the moment.

Dying to wear one with a short short skirt and high high heels.

But for work pants and Pradas were more appropriate today.

Love the contrast of my toes withe ombre of the heels.

Currently obsessed with the Elizabeth and James shoes about to hit the market.

They'll set you back about $300. But you'll be walking pretty.


Unknown said...

1. LOVE your hair!! it looks fab!

2. I love the green scarf

3. Thanks for the pic ;) blushing*

4. I AM DYING FOR THOSE WEDGES TOOOOOOOOOOO...I wish they were about $188 though. lol. .. . i've been mad stalking them!

WendyB said...

Nice find from mom's closet. Great color.

JCH said...

Loving the hair D...looks awesome...I would kill for some no frizz hair right now!

Sable Crow said...

I think there should be a Brazillian Blowout for nearly everything: I would like one to straighten out CA's fiscal situation; I'd like one to straighten out the right-wing nutjobs who deny me access to civic institutions. I'd like a Brazillian Blowjob in the evenings, before bed...

But I digress.

You look fab. Love the color, and the woman wearing it all.

Ana said...

Hi D,
I've been so off the radar, and I come back to see you have just the most sleek, shiny hair! I love it!

Can't wait to keep digging and reading more about your fashionable self these past few months. Glad to have climbed out from under my rock!

- A

girlninja said...

great hair! more importantly- i was reading nini's style and i saw that you were one of the finalist (yes ive been a secret lurker to your page for a while now) just wanted to say i had to vote for you and hope you win it!

Liz said...

Ugh. You are TOO CUTE.

I find a lot of good BP brand items at Nordstrom... I need to get over there again. Only go once every few months as it's at the Mall of America which can be a nightmare.

Unknown said...

I LOVE those heels - very cool!

amber said...

First, I'm snorting over Sable Crow's comments. Especially the last one....

Second, love the smooth locks and the fun green scarf. Thumbs up on both.

Emily said...

Love the shoes and your hair! I am now very tempted to go for the Brazilian when I'm back in the US in a couple of weeks...would love to have sleek, shiny hair. And those second shoes are killer. Those Olsens sure know what they're doing in the fashion world, unlike so many other celebs.

Milly said...

Great Scarf!!!


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