Monday, September 28, 2009

The Scene
Spent most of the day mentally packing and repacking my bag for New York. Ugh. NYC always scrambles the fashion cortex of my brain. After all, NYC is the exact opposite of L.A.: you walk everywhere, the weather is not to be trusted, and people have true individual style. Think I managed to do an OK job. Grabbed some fab scarves, flat boots, polka dots, sequins, and liquid leggings. But I just KNOW I am going to feel frumptified once I get there.

It's the shoes. Would have loved to pack my sky YSL heels like L.A. girl Cupcakes and Cashmere did for her recent NYC jaunt. But I know myself. I will end up with a twisted ankle on a cobblestone street embarrassing Jean Bean if I attempt anything higher than a Reva flat. F to being an L.A. princess.

The Outfit
Jovavich-Hawk for Target dress

The Accessories
Me&Ro skull earrings
Forever 21 belt and bracelet
Stuart Weitzman booties
Chanel bag

The Grade

The Commentary
Threw on any ole thing today. I'm already mentally on vacation. Good thing according to the polka dotted spring Marni runway, I was already ahead of the game. Love when that happens.

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The black tough chic accessories - bag, booties, bracelet, belt - were all my ode to NYC edge. Cannot wait!


Tabitha said...

I'm going to be packing for NYC pretty soon too and will definitely be taking in tips from both you and Emily!

HaveShoesWillTravel said...

As someone who walks everywhere I find it so hard to dress cutely without wearing flip-flops for the walk and then pulling a cute pair of shoes out of my bag. Even if I find comfortable flats (which a lot aren't good enough to walk 2 miles in), if I wear them around town a lot they get beat up so easily.

Unknown said...

You done good.

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

Let me firstly say, that dress is amazing on you. I love polka dots, I mean LOVE them and that dress is FAB. Next, the key to shoes in NYC is to wear flats and pull the heels out of your bag just before you arrive at your destination. Really there is no other way unless you cab it everywhere. Its the same for me here in Sydney. Have fun in NY.


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