Friday, September 11, 2009

The Scene
Eight years ago I was 24. I had spent the summer in Europe after graduating from USC with a master's in broadcast journalism. Mind you, I had no plans of actually being a journalist. I had gotten the degree because well, I got a full ride and I figured why not. I loved school and writing and frankly didn't know what else to do with myself.

Getting my first real job was proving tougher than I'd expected so on the morning of September 11, I was going to meet my best friend and go to a job fair together. I turned on the TV as I was getting ready. I was wearing a black suit when I found out that the twin towers had been hit. Like the entire planet that day, I crumpled in horror, not believing what my eyes were seeing.

After finding out that my NYC friends (Jean Bean and Peaches) were OK, I spent the rest of the day glued to the television news coverage, crying. I remember my mom looking numb. She ominously told me that when terrorism strikes a country it's never the same again. I wept harder thinking about all the immigrants like my mother who had come to this country precisely to escape the kind of chaos we all witnessed that day.

Mr. Diabolina, my mom and I eventually pulled ourselves away from the TV. We went to dinner. At Chin Chin of all places. Matthew Perry of all people was there.

It was surreal to look over at this iconic TV star and know exactly what he was thinking and feeling. Odd to think of Sept. 11 as a great equalizer but it was. Rich, poor, old, young, famous, not famous - all of us had no idea what came next.

As I was glued to NYFW coverage on Twitter all day today, I found this article about what 9/11 would have looked like in the age of social media. Fascinating thought, no? The experience of that day would have been totally different.

Eight years later to the day social media certainly facilitated my fantasy that I was in NYC and Leigha Lezark.

Front row at all the shows

Though I think I was more inspired by the beauty and glamour off the runway today than on.

Had a late lunch with my mom at Toast.

Then in the evening the two of us met up with Mr. Diabolina to watch The September Issue. Verdict: Didn't love it. No one was more shocked than me.

Sure it was a feast for the eyes. A fashionable voyeur's dream. But I thought it didn't have much to SAY. Probably because Anna is not particularly loquacious. Was sad it lacked the warmth and humor of the fabulous Valentino documentary. Probably because Anna will never be mistaken for cuddly or Shecky Green. Maybe it's a cultural thing. I always forget Anna is English.

What I liked best were probably the glimpses into Anna's psyche. How her father and siblings and daughter aren't particularly impressed with what she does. Probably why she is so hard on the people she works with - especially the brilliant Grace Coddington.

I've loved Grace's work since I was a teenager, devouring Vogue as if it was moco loco foie gras ;)

There is always a dreamlike, romantic quality to her spreads. They transport you to another world. A world where everything is beautiful and haunting and alive.

But sadly Grace is British too. Getting her to say more than three sentences at a time was like pulling teeth. Interesting how someone so aesthetically brilliant can struggle with expressing herself verbally. But agonizing to watch for someone like me who was trained at interviewing people on camera.

But to be completely honest, one of the reasons I didn't love the movie was Grace's hair. I wanted to jump through the screen and force a Brazilian Blowout on her.

The Outfit
Forever 21 vest and tank
Old Navy jeans

The Accessories
Anthropologie necklace
Chanel bag
Fashion District gladiators

The Grade

The Commentary

In a gray state of mind today - started with the jeans

Then the tank

Then the vest

Then the necklace

Heart the gray/yellow contrast

Wanted to wear some fierce shoes but wasn't feeling heels after a long week

So went for the animal print sandals

Want to live in leopard this Fall

And joy of joys, it looks like leopard print isn't going anywhere in Spring

Alexander Wang was all about it.

Other big trends emerging on the spring runways - athletic wear, 80s color and shapes and polkadots. Start stocking up now, pretty ladies.


Nini's Style said...

LOve all the photos.

Liz said...

Am I totally crazy or is that a Chanel bag?

Love the outfit and the necklace. I have a similar one in turquoise.

Da Fashionista said...

Wow, Liz! You are reading more closely than I am writing. Kiss!

Changed it. Thanks for the edit. Obsessing on the new big pictures today not so much the text so I appreciate it.

PiGGiesGoMoo said...

1.Love the outfit 2. i can't believe those jeans are old navy and 3.your hair looks amazing! <3

Jean Bean said...

There were some amazing insights, like how Mario Testino basically chooses the cover. How a $50k spread gets tossed. How OLD and frumpy almost everyone at Vogue is. Cathy Horyn called the film joyless and I agree. It gave no clue what would motivate all those people to work in such a challenging environment. Other than being so warped they can't go anywhere else. Anna seems bored to death. Can't say I blame her. This fashion monster is so repetitive.

Liz said...

Hee I always read the outfit part closely :)

Paid close attention today as it is a look I can mimic.

Loving the blog!!

Anonymous said...

You should've given yourself an A for this outfit. You look teeny tiny and tall!

Sheila said...

You deserve an A on your outfit, I like the look. Did you change the format of the blog, the pictures are bigger, which I like, now I can see the details.

Unknown said...

this is my second time here today ...I must have gotten distracted and forgot to comment ..I love this post though. I love your gray and yellow look. that necklace is fab. ...and of course, the Wang wedges are TO DIE FOR.

Tiffany said...

liking the new big pictures! And adore this outfit, that necklace is gorge.

And how fabulous does your hair look? loves it!

Juana said...

u look super cute in that outfit.

Anonymous said...

You stay away from Grace's hair!

amber said...

I need a pair of animal print pumps. Ugh.

I'm really getting behind the gray/yellow combo. It's so fresh and different.


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