Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Scene
Met my mom this morning for brunch and presumably to help her with a few errands. Little did I know today would be the day of her annual MAJOR shopping spree. Does your mother do this: hem and haw and feel guilty about spending money on herself all year; then out of the blue, she will go absolutely apeshit, drop some serious cheddar and not bat an eye. Mine does.

Today she started at Neiman's. Bought a Chanel purse. She was thinking black but I steered her toward a carmel/neutral color. More youthful. More L.A. It is her first Chanel bag.

My stepdad always wanted to shower her in Chanel. Have I mentioned what a gooood man he was? ;) But for some reason she thought interlocking C's were too ostentatious. I like to think her Chanel whore daughter helped her change her tune in the last 15 years.

On the way home, I suggested stopping by the Phillip Lim store. Frankly seeing my mom get a new bag made this copy cat want one too. Have regretted not snapping up a couple that I saw when I met Mr. Dreamy Lim himself.

Sadly for me, the bags were completely sold out. But while I wasn't looking my mom managed to find the coat she's been dreaming of for decades. Seriously. You have no idea how hard it is finding a slightly retro, absolutely classic black coat for L.A. weather that fits a curvy petite woman with an EXTREMELY exacting eye. The minute she put it on and realized it would hardly need any alteration, she looked like she might start weeping tears of joy. So happy when she is happy. Someone who sparkles like she does deserves all things beautiful.

After a fashionable morning it was time for a football evening. Headed to the Colliseum for our first home game of the season. YAYAYAYAYAY!

Mr. Diabolina did his typical tailgaiting ritual: sunscreen, beer, repeat.

We met up with some silly boys and hot girls

I love fall days like these. It's like you can smell the change in the air.

The Outfit
USC top and ball cap
Gap shorts

The Accessories
Vintage chain strap bag
Stuart Weitzman gladiators
Louis Vuitton earrings

The Grade

The Scene
It may be nearly October but it has been over 80 degrees in the shade for the last week in Los Angeles. Hence the shorts and tissue-thin top

Wish I was working out more and eating less. Would have felt comfortable in my own skin today. Maybe even worn a tank.

Thankfully Lauragami gave me the secret to customizing old tshirts that might be a little more flattering since they aren't as huggy. God I love crafty pretty young things.

Especially ones in training

Opted for a bag with a long strap. Always feels more sporty and functional to me

But instead of leather or canvas, my straps of choice are chains ;)

Would have much preferred the latest Phillip Lim to my old $15 Goodwill find.

Felt cute nuff at the game. Not too Ronald McDonald but nothing special. I guess football days are never really about the clothes.

But couldn't they at least be about the shoes ;)


JCHokie said...

OMG, your mom looks awesome in that coat! I love it! I'll have to go on a hunt for a less expensive version. =)

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

Just realised that the bag was for your mom. Still divine, still TDF. Though the Lim bag is sooo you.

Sheila said...

love your mom's smile in every picture, looks like you both had a blast!

Unknown said...

Cutting T-shirts well is really hard! I end up ruining them.

Jennifer said...

looks like a fun day shopping! good choice on the tan Chanel...always a classic!


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